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Create amazing and engaging user experiences in all your apps by applying game design concepts and mechanics.

We have three great talks on gamification from different perspectives:

• Olga Sambur and Snir David from Captain Up will show us how to gamify our apps and services using tips and best practices

• Opher Vishnia from Interlude will show us how to use paradigms and techniques from the gaming world to make the web juicier

• Boris Modylevsky from QualiSystems will help us gamify our development process to make our work more enjoyable


• 18:00 - Gathering

• 18:15 - Introductions

• 18:20 - Gamification 101

• 19:15 - Making the Web Juicier

• 20:10 - 10 Ways to Add Fun to the Development Process

• 20:55 - Raffle

Gamification 101

We'll look at best practices when implementing a Gamification system for an app/service with tips from experienced professionals in the field.

We'll go through the Captain Up system and its APIs to learn how we can implement a gamification solution for any existing service using Captain Up.

Olga Sambur, COO at Captain Up, is a big enthusiast and expert in Gamification. She believes that in order to create a profitable business, you need to provide your users with a great user journey, which is exciting, innovative and rewarding.

Snir David is a full stack developer at Captain Up and a JavaScript ninja with an expertise in Node.js, as well as a Ruby and Rails developer.

Making the Web Juicier

In many ways, modern web sites are similar to video games: They both offer rich interactive experiences and aim to drive more engagement from the user. They both also encounter the same difficulties, like performance, adjusting to different screen sizes and device fragmentation. So why aren't modern web sites more like modern video games? In this lecture I will show examples on how to inject design principles from video games to web sites and make them truly juicy.

Opher Vishnia is a multidisciplinary creator, invested in many different and often unrelated fields at the same time: computer science, art, music, design, math, game development and more. For the past three years, Opher has been working at Interlude as lead creative developer and the go-to authority on client side web technologies. His day-to-day involves working with both creative teams (design, art, film) as well as development teams to push the envelope of what interactive video can be in the near future.

10 Ways to Add Fun to the Development Process

The development process is tedious and complex: we are trying to solve problems in different domains in limited time frames. So a little bit of fun and a sense of humor can relax the atmosphere in the team and make the work more productive. In this session, we will talk about a few ways to add fun to the development process by adding plugins to Visual Studio, TeamCity, GitHub and other tools, adding some customs to the development team and opening our minds to creative thinking.

Boris Modylevsky is a test driven developer and a software consultant. Boris has been working in software development for almost 15 years in a variety of companies, from the big ones like Microsoft to dynamic startups like Ginger and QualiSystems. He is passionate about clean code, unit testing, test driven development, and continuous integration and delivery. In short, everything that helps teams deliver better code faster. Boris is a frequent speaker at meetups and conferences and a co-­organizer of the Clean Code Alliance user group. He is also the author of the blog at where he writes about software development, testing, tools, libraries, and more.

Location and Parking

We're returning to the Google Campus in the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv this month.

The best parking is in Electra Tower. It should cost 25 ILS after you get the parking ticket validated.