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Shaul HaMelech 4 (London Ministore), WeWork London MiniStore 3rd floor · Tel Aviv

How to find us

We’re located on the 3rd floor of WeWork inside the London Ministore building and not at WeWork Dubnov!

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Front end essential Tools

In this meetup will focus on the 3 pillars of every modern front end development environment.
Source control, Package managers and Module bundlers/Loaders.


18:00 : Mingling

18:20 : Introductions

18:30 : ​git - noob to pro in 45 minutes - Elad Katz

19:15 : break

19:25 : Pack Wars: JavaScript distribution in a galaxy far, far away, Opher Vishnia

20:00 : NPM - break your code to packages - Ran Itzhaki

20:40 : Raffle & Prizes

21:00 : Go Home...


git - noob to pro in 45 minutes
by Elad Katz, full-stack senior architect in Sela group

it takes time to understand that git is not like any legacy source control system. it takes time and patience to become a true master of git.
but we lack patience, and only have 45 minutes.. will that be enough?

Elad katz is a full-stack senior architect in Sela group. Elad loves opensource, dynamic languages and git.
Elad katz knows how to exit vim in 6 different ways.

Pack Wars: JavaScript distribution in a galaxy far, far away
byOpher Vishnia, creative developer, Eko

Front end development is becoming increasingly complex. In the past you could just serve your CSS, JS and image files and you were good to go. Nowadays you have Single Page Apps and modules and assets and images and libraries and frameworks and oh god what now.. Let me help you with your Analysis Paralysis. I went through all the options for modularizing, bundling and serving your code so you don’t have to. In this talk I’ll cover features like HTTP/2, asynchronous/synchronous module loading, code splitting, asset packing, transpiling and static package analysis. I’ll explain the problem and present current solutions like Webpack, Browserify and System.js, their use cases, their merits and their faults so you could stop worrying and start coding

NPM - break your code to packages
by Ran Itzhaki, Full stack developer, Sela group

Node Package Manager (NPM), just like PiP for PYTHON and nugget for C#, is a package manager that helps arrange your JavaScript code.
In this talk, we take a working website and break it into packages. This progress opens us the flow from development to production using the NPM cli commands.


How To find Us
The elevator is located at entrance G, accessed from the parking lot and from the ground floor of London Ministore.
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor, the entrance to 'WeWork' is on your left, at the end of the hallway. When you enter the 2nd floor inside WeWork you will find a stairs lift to the 3rd floor.

Parking Instructions:

Entrance to parking lot is from Dubnov (from the gas station).