#FrontEndParty 38 - Is Cameron Going To Dress Up???

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Hello all! New #FrontEndParty for the month, and the last one of the year! And for extra fun, this month's #FrontEndParty title is in honor of our co-organizer Cameron who always has a better Halloween costume than the rest of us combined. So I've chosen this title both to honor him and as added pressure to ensure he comes in costume.

As for the talks, we're rolling with just two this month:

Joe Ellis

Olark / Senior Engineer

Best Practices With React / Redux

Redux is an awesome way to build front-end apps; unfortunately, it doesn't explain much in the ways of structuring, organizing, and testing your code when building medium to large sized SPA applications. Joe is going to talk a little about the best practices he's discovered in his own Redux journey and hopefully help save someone somewhere the time he's already spent trying to figure it all out.

Ryan B. Harvey

TED Talks / Data Scientist

A Brief Introduction to Web Components and Polymer

Ryan will give an introduction to web components and their standards, as well as an introduction to Google's Polymer Project, which makes it possible to build web component based sites and apps today. Finally, Ryan will briefly review the changes between Polymer 1.x and the 2.0 Preview, and the upgrade path provided by the Polymer team.

--Hope to see everyone there!

- The #FrontEndParty team