What we're about


-To bring together people who practice frugal living.
-To acknowledge and validate the frugal lifestyle.
-To share ideas, methods and practices for maximizing frugality.
-To maximize financial well-being.
-To provide education that frugality is not a true pathology.
-To have fun.

Who Should Join:

-Are you the type of person who clips coupons, bargains everything, puts a brick in the toilet tank, dumpster dives, shops at thrift stores, picks up a "new" dresser on dump day, always shops the clearance section, price matches, drives a 20 year old car and feels pain when you spend money, then Frugalees is for you! Frugalees is for those who are pathologically frugal, embrace it and are always thinking about how to maximize their resources.

What Will You Do at Your Events:

Frugalees will initially be a group meeting with topics and presentations (for example how to get the best deal on a used car, how to save on your utility bills, how to maximize coupon savings, or how to successfully dumpster dive). Outings and trips can be planned that will help demonstrate how to have a great time for under $25 and how to install or fix things without hiring a professional. Ideas for activities and how the group can best be utilized will be gathered from the attendees over time.

Frugalees is being created to bring together those who are known to watch their spending to the extreme, support one another and learn as many ways as possible to save their money in NJ where costs continue to rise rapidly.

Upcoming events

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