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Blessings all,

Welcome to Fruit & Fasting Tribe Sydney!

This meet up is for anyone who is living (or trying to live) the frugivore and fasting lifestyle or looking for transformation through food and fasting. I have created this group as a way to connect with others on the journey of transformation in relation to eating habits and living more in tune through diet and fasting.

If you have tried living on a fruit only, raw food diet or attempted any form of juice/water fasting, then you'll probably have experienced how challenging it can be. This community is a way to connect and support one another on our journeys, to share and learn from one another to enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

From my personal experience, unhealthy food habits are quite easily recognised in oneself and learning from good sources & getting educated on the healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes is fairly simple. However, what I have observed in myself is despite knowing about the right food types, quantities, fasting etc... its been real tough to break out of these habitual patterns. What I have also observed is when dieting or fasting is done with others it can be much easier and there seems to be a shift in energy that a group creates. So that is what this community is all about, support and connection!

Who is this meet up for?

Anyone interested in:

- Raw food
- Water and juice Fasting
- Frugivore lifestyle
- Weight loss and transformation
- Physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual Healing

What will the gatherings consist of:

Most of our meet ups will not follow any strict agenda and will be an opportunity to connect and share as a group. We'll discuss difficulties, successes and perhaps even commit to following a diet plan or joint fasts together. This is a non judgemental space for those to be open and honest about their experiences without fear, shame or guilt. The main thing here is to connect and support one another on the journey. At the end of the day, we all want love, peace and happiness so that is what we will help each move towards.

All are welcome and I look forward to meeting you all at our next gathering.

Much love

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Tribe Community Gathering

65 St Pauls St

All are welcome to join the Fruit & Fasting Tribe for a gathering with others drawn to the Raw food/fasting lifestyle. What’s the purpose of this gathering? If you’re interested or living the raw food and/or fasting lifestyle, you’ll know that you’re most probably in the minority. We all want to experience the healing and transformative effects of living a high raw diet and the countless benefits it provides us but the challenging part is breaking those old habits ingrained over a lifetime! To do this, a supportive environment with others resonating in this area is often just what we need! That is the purpose here, support, healing, insights and a space to connect! What will we do? We’ll be gathering together to share connect with other like minds who are living or called towards the raw food and/or fasting lifestyle. It’s an opportunity for sharing and learning from the experiences of others in a supportive high energy and transformative environment. It’ll be an informal gathering where we’ll form a sharing circle where everyone will have an opportunity to have express some of their insights and experiences, successes and challenges. We’ll let the group discussion flow in its natural direction but we may cross topics such as raw food living, herbs, water fasting, juice fasting, healing, emotional connection to food etc.. Things we may discuss Below is a list of topics (but not limited to these) which may come up during discussions: - Raw food Diet - Fruigivore lifestyle - Water Fasting - Juice Fasting - Healing Benefits - Common Symptoms including Physical, Mental & Emotional - Disease reversal - Herbs Agenda Please note that this is just a an example of what a gathering may look like, there is no strict agenda as such 😊 7pm – Show up, meet and greet. 7:30pm – Sharing Circle 8:30pm – Wrap up Some fresh herbal tea will be available for all to enjoy too! Cost There are no costs for any Community gatherings. About the Organizer I’ve been living the raw food, virtually entirely fruit only diet for the past 6 months after suffering with some long term digestive issues. I found that eating raw foods incorporated with fasting has really helped in my healing process however, staying on track has often been really challenging. After connecting to a few people who have been on this journey longer than myself really helped keep me focused and has opened up a whole new world of healing, not just physically but also emotionally too. This support and connection is the main purpose behind my desire create this group. We look forward to seeing you all here! Much love Fruit & Fasting Tribe

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Tribe Community Gathering

65 St Pauls St

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