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FuckUp Nights (https://www.fuckupnights.com/) is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are shared, questioned, and celebrated. Attendees and presenters are not afraid to break boundaries -- from acknowledging their Professional screw-ups to using the F* word. Every month 3 speakers share their stories of career slip-ups, project blow-ups, and corporate meltdowns they have endured. We empathize with their journey, learn from their hard-earned lessons, and most of all, break down our personal and professional stigmas of Failure.

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Nothing good comes from hitting, “Reply All"

Online event

Want to know if you have an organization that trusts each other? Check out how many people "Reply All" to every.single.email. Let's talk about the myths and malignant effects of "Send All" and Reply All in our organizations -- and what we can do about it.

Tailor for the Emperor’s new Clothes

Online event

We all know those Projects, the ones that seem too good to be true. Heck, we may have even started the idea. . . But if the senior leadership's next DecaUnicorn is really just a pony cart that you're pulling, you'll end up being left exposed in the cold. Let's talk about the magical thinking around these dream programs, how to really speak truth to power, and what you can cloak yourself with when the inevitable Parade of Shame occurs.

From Hero to Zero: Falling off the Pedestal

Online event

The Golden Child, Person Who Could Do No Wrong, Untouchable. When they fall from grace, it can be a schadenfreude-esque moment for those who thought their rise to fame was too good to be true. But for the former Chosen Ones, it can be a debilitating drop that extends beyond careers and professional relationships. In some cases, there may have been nothing that The Great One did wrong, it was simply a cascade of issues that blew up. Let's discuss the rise (and inevitable fall) from grace, pulling out of the ashes, and rebuilding again.

The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off.

Online event

In our global effort to make "Difficult Conversations" as palatable as possible, we now have, "Coachable moments" and "Growth Opportunities." But we all know the reality under the feel-good frosting, is a Painful Truth cake (manure flavored). And, while no growth occurs without feedback, it still sucks to hear the truth about how we communicate (or don't), deliver (or not), or simply the reality of the political environment -- and how we don't fit. Let's talk about Painful Truths, Comfortable Lies, and even the ugly emergence of mis/disinformation in our professional lives and how we can survive and thrive in the new world of Alternative Facts.

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