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Welcome to Fuckup Nights Gold Coast!
We celebrate the mistakes, the failures, and fucktastic stories that are supposed to ‘help build character’ and make us the humans that we are.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share public business failure stories with hundreds of people attending each event around the world. Each month 3 speakers will be invited to talk about their fuckup stories; we’ll learn about their biggest mistakes, what they learned, how they moved on- all whilst sharing invaluable advice along the way.

The speakers will candidly share in 7 minutes:
* What their project / business was
* What went wrong / How it affected their personal life / What they learned / What they would do differently.

At the end of each person’s story, you’ll have a chance to ask questions- nothing too cheeky, but feel free to dig around, and there’ll also be an additional audience component where a few select individuals will get some time to share their own personal fuckup stories. Come prepared!

You’ll hear stories and advice you won’t get elsewhere - and these stories will (hopefully) put you in good stead to not make the same fuckups.

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