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    Do you enjoy meeting new people and trying different activities, but find somethings missing? It’s not hard for you to get along and make acquaintances, where you’re not short on invites to current events. While mingling with all these friends, you may still feel disconnected and have a strong urge for a best friend or small group of best friends. This has been a common challenge women run into as they evolve with all their life changes and there’s a natural desire to have another female friend by your side along your journey. It would be unrealistic to expect everyone you meet to like you to this level, as we all come from such unique backgrounds and have a wide range of different experiences. With that being said, you’re bound to meet that special person (or people) that connect with you; if you’re willing to put yourself out there and invest the time. If you think it's impossible to make friends after a certain age or if you believe you're an unlikeable person, then you need to drop these beliefs as they definitely won't serve you. We all know time is limited and life can be crazy, but if you’re at a point in your life where you want to find best friends, investing quality time is necessary.
    Below are the qualities I already have or aspire to have and am looking for in similar friends:
    • friends that care about their health and fitness
    • friends that want to grow personally and learn how to fix their imperfections
    • friends that believe in the possibilities rather than the impossibilities
    • friends that are naturally kindhearted
    • friends that are willing to try new things with a good attitude
    • friends that are open-minded and try to not be judgmental
    • friends that are genuinely excited and celebrate your achievements with you
    • friends that take the initiative to get to know you and have a curiosity
    • friends that go beyond the surface and are willing to be vulnerable
    • friends that are honest about their opinions and feelings, but in a kind way
    • friends that invest time in building a strong friendship and have a desire to have a sister-like relationship
    • friends that aren’t afraid to let loose and act silly
    • friends that have a sense of humor and can laugh about the irony in life
    • friends that have goals and dreams that they are actually working towards
    • friends that are dependable and respect your time

    For those of you that haven’t hosted a meetup before, it’s important to understand that continual last minute flaking can be very disheartening to the host and simply just rude. I hope that we can all be respectful of each other’s time and put some forethought into time management when committing to events. This group is not intended for random hangouts, this is for women that truly want to build friendships and are willing to put the time in. Taking this into account, I think it would be awesome to have a video chat every Wednesday evening with each other! It’s nice to get to know strangers a little before meeting in person to get a sense of familiarity and comfortability. As well as this could be more accommodating for people having a busy week, but still want to stay in touch. This can be where we talk about anything and what events we’d all enjoy. People who hit it off more can always pair off on their own adventures.

    If this resonates with you and you truly want to make the time for new best friends, what are you waiting for?! ;)

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