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I went through the whole full stack bootcamp journey, and from an amateur to becoming employed by comcast as a full stack dev engineer and also a part time Numpcamp instructor. I am grateful and hope to help more people to enter the field and become successful, and also work with others to develop some project togethers. I have had joined numerous workshop, meetup, tutorial or seminars, 80% of the time I was just listening to some awesome speakers presenting or demoing it but not actually getting my hands dirty to get hands on experience. My experience to successful learning is by doing and especially doing it together as a group. We use the Mern stack, Mongodb, Express, React and Node. Also Graphql or RESTful. I plan to host weekly Zoom coding sessions and code together, this group is new beginners oriented, so I will go over the foundational knowledge of becoming a full stack developer with those technologies and eventually hope it may help you get a job.

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Strapi NextJS and e-commerce platform

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Full stack serverless

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GraphQL workshop series 2

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Project assignment and GraphQL training session

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