Stack Wars: The Slack Awakens

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...a world exists in which our whole lives are run through Slack. We're not there yet, but these two presenters are leading us in that direction! Come join us to learn about two really cool integrations built on top of Slack.

~ Presentation #1 ~ CI for CI! How re-imagining Continuous Integration within a Chat Interface helps Troops to ship and iterate on cutting edge product at breakneck speeds (~30 mins)

Scott Underwood, Software Engineer @

Scott Underwood is an engineering leader at, an NYC startup building artificial intelligence and workflow automation for Sales and Customer Success teams. Scott has over 8 years of experience in JVM based languages and has led engineering teams in ad-tech, modeling & simulation, and computer vision.

Talk Abstract: Scott will walk through the challenges a growing engineering team faces to set up a scalable continuous integration solution, and how this so often leads to a Rube Goldberg CI pipeline. We will explore how Troops used chat ops to simplify its CI process, increase engineering transparency, and alleviate many headaches born out of managing and scaling multiple CI subsystems.

~ Presentation #2 ~ Slack Maestro: Helping Users Stay on Topic (~20 mins)

Andrej Ficnar, Data Scientist @ Schireson

Andrej is a data scientist at Schireson Associates, a strategic data science consulting firm focusing on media and advertising. There, he employs various modeling approaches to build custom data solutions for clients, and manages current data products. Previously, Andrej worked at Columbia and Oxford as a theoretical physicist with a focus on applied string theory.

Talk Abstract: Andrej will talk about building a smart bot for Slack that learns each channel’s topic and warns users if they go off topic. The bot relies on an implementation of a new NLP method introduced at NIPS 2015, called Word Mover’s Distance. We'll discuss the brains behind such a bot, some practical challenges in building it, and also see a live demo of the bot in action.