What we're about

This Meetup group will feature speakers from across the stacks: Topics will include & not limited to:

1) DevOps

2) Programming ( Front - End & Back -End)

3) Databases( SQL & NoSQL )

4) Scaling

And of course, we'll ask each speaker "what's in your stack?"

Why this group?

Because great software engineers aren't "Java guys" or ".Net Experts" or "HTML5 ninjas," we're problem solvers.

We take an idea and build it end to end: from just above the bare-metal, through the OS, DB, server, network, and browser, and all the way up to the user.

While speakers at Full Stack Engineers focus primarily on DevOps, AngularJs, Nodejs & other prominent Javascript frameworks. We encourage all local web professionals to join us for vivid discussions around technology across the stack in any language.

We collaborate, code, configure, and deploy. Full-stack engineers are a new breed of developer. We're more versatile than specialised, and we deserve a community that understands that.

Lets come together & grow together.

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