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Full Stack Boston invites developers to "Building Location-Aware Applications with Redis" which looks at how the geospatial indexing features of Open-Source Redis can be used to support geographical data queries in an application. Using an example bike sharing application, the talk covers how to parse publicly available data feeds provided by bike share systems around the world (such as Hubway in Boston or the CitiBike system in New York City) and index that data in Redis. From there, we look at how to build a query API to find nearby bikes using location information, and how to update the availability data in real-time based on rentals in the system. All of the example code provided will be in Python, but it is very accessible to developers unfamiliar with the language.

As described on it's website (, "Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker." Its support of useful datatypes and highly optimized access methods make it popular for more than one layer of the stack. Redis has consistently been ranked as the top key-value datastore by DB Engines ( ) and has been available in AWS ElastiCache since 2013. It is a worthwhile NoSQL option to consider for your toolbelt.

This talk will discuss leveraging datatypes and APIs for handling points, sets, set searches and intersections for geographic, time-series and live real-time data at speed.

A light dinner will be provided.

About the Speaker:

Tague Griffith is a self-professed database geek who runs the developer relations program for Redis Labs. At Redis Labs he focuses on supporting and growing the Redis developer community through community meetups, technical training, and various technical materials. Prior to joining Redis Labs, he lead the internal infrastructure team at the photo sharing site Flickr building large scale distributed systems and infrastructure to support monitoring, caching and image serving.

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