Pure Presence Meditation & Mindfulness Group/or www.luminousgrace.com


Come Join Us: For this Insightful, Fun, and Engaging, Monthly Meditation Gathering.
The second Monday of each month we meet for Meditation Mindfulness and the Timeless Teachings of the Buddha. This group is free of cost- (donation based) and all are welcome!
Evenings will consist of: (Some or all of the following)
* Dharma talk
*Seated meditations (guided and silent)
*Walking Meditation
*Questions and answers
* And of course tea and cookies!

I have studied in Zen, Vipassana & Dzogchen traditions & we will draw on all of these. I am not an expert, academic, or monastic of Buddhism, I simply love its teachings and traditions & want to share it. This year we will also be having guest teachers join from time to time to share with the group. As well as half and full day Retreats.
The teachings are freely given because they are considered priceless. A suggested donation of $2 to $20 is welcome to cover expenses and to practice the Buddhist tradition of Dana (Generosity).

Folding chairs will be available and if you prefer to sit on the floor please bring, cushion, zafu, blankets or whatever is required to be comfortable.

The door will be open at 6:45-Gathering begins 7:00 to 9:00 If you need to come late or leave early-no problem... Just Come, just Sit, Just Be! :)
Conduct -
Please be respectful of all who attend. Harassment or disruptive behavior of any nature will not be tolerated at the venue or online. Please see or message your group facilitator (Tanya at [masked]) directly if you have any concerns. The Facilitator has the right to ask members to leave the group if concerns are not addressed in a timely and kind way.

The studio where we practice

enter through the alley as shown below