INTERMEDIATE (HIGH) & Above ONLY Monday Volleyball

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Please read all information below & only sign up if you agree with the posting. For the sake of the other attendees and everyone's safety, please be honest with yourself about your level of play. If you are not sure, please join us on Tuesday or Friday for the ALL LEVELS play.

INTERMEDIATE players have GREAT fundamentals and control their hits, serves, passes, and sets more than 70% of the time. That means you are required to be able to pass and set the ball accurately 70% (or more) of the time.

We will be playing 3s/4s on one court only, which make things crowded. Please expect to wait 1-2 games between playing. We play to 15 points when more than one full team is waiting to play. If you win once, you play another game. If you win twice, you're off and two new teams will play next.

Organizers will reserve the right to change RSVP player status at any time.If you RSVP and are a no show 2 times, organizers reserve the right to take you off the going list in the future. Do not bring more people than you RSVP'd for. If you'd like to bring a plus one, please message the organizers.If the meetup is full and people who are not on the list show up, the organizers will ask them to not to play.

If you are on the WAITLIST, please continue to check whether you have been added to the going list. If you show up without being on the going list, you will be asked to give those on the going list priority. Regular players who have a history of showing up have priority on the wait-list.