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ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed

ScyllaDB is a NoSQL database compatible with Apache Cassandra, distinguishing itself by supporting millions of operations per second, per node, with predictably low latency, on similar hardware.
Achieving such speed requires a great deal of mechanical sympathy: ScyllaDB employs a totally asynchronous, share-nothing programming model, relies on its own memory allocators, and meticulously schedules all its IO requests.
In this talk we will go over some low-level details of the techniques involved and how they fully utilize the underlying hardware resources.

Duarte Nunes is a Software Engineer working on ScyllaDB. He has a background in distributed systems and low-latency software. Prior to ScyllaDB, he was involved in distributed network virtualization.



18:30 - Meets & Greets

18:45 - "ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed" by Duarte Nunes (https://www.linkedin.com/in/duarten/)

19:30 - Coffee Break & Networking

19:45 - "Scaling to Enterprise Level" by Sean Martin, Talkdesker at Talkdesk (https://github.com/xonecas)

20:30 - See you next time!