Security challenges in a Cloud-Native context

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Security challenges in a Cloud-Native context | Use case

17:00: Welcome
17:30: Diner & Drinks
18:00: Welcome and intro by Gerrit Tamboer | Fullstaq
18:05: Talk. Experiences of the Security team at during their migration from on-prem to a cloud-native architecture based on GCP and Kubernetes by Raymond van den Hoek |
18:55: Break
19:10: Talk & Demo Aqua | “Containers from a hackers point of view” | by Philippe Bogaerts | Aqua
20:00: Drinks

Raymond van den Hoek
Over the past six years Raymond has been leading the IT Security team at with the main goal to deliver the safest shopping platform possible, while optimizing the balance between speed of innovation and security. Background of >10 years in software development and project management, combined with some business-oriented academic education (MSc Business Administration, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

About 5 years ago we made the transition from a hosted environment (Schuberg Philis) to managing our own datacenter. Which really helped to innovate faster and deliver a robust IT environment, which is essential if you're the largest online retailer in The Netherlands and Belgium.

To further accelerate our IT teams & innovation we've taken the next leap forward by moving into GCP using cloud-native architecture patterns. Join the talk to find out what we've learned and have done to secure our Google cloud projects, clusters and containers.

Talk Aqua
by Philippe Bogaerts
“Containers from a hackers point of view”

Solutions Architect, Aqua Security. Philippe brings more than 20+ years of experience in security. Starting out as a trainer specialising in advanced TCP/IP protocols, Philippe quickly became known by colleagues as “Philippe hacks to learn”. After a long career in network firewall and load-balancing, he specialized in web application security with a focus on web application penetration testing and firewalling. A few years ago, containers and orchestration grabbed his attention and started researching (mostly as a hobby), the architecture and security aspects of these new emerging technologies.
Today, Philippe contributes mostly by writing blog posts, and talking at meetups. Being one of the co-founders of renowned security conference,, Philippe continues to organise this annual conference together with a great team of volunteers.

Aqua Security was founded in 2015, as containers and serverless technologies were just emerging, recognizing that the dramatic change in application development and architecture requires an equally dramatic shift in security.

About Fullstaq:
At Fullstaq we use our strong experience to help our customers tackle their complex technology problems. We thrive to go beyond the limited service most traditional infrastructure partners can offer by working closely together with your software development teams and integrating the DevOps mentality, toolstack and best practices. With our broad expertise we are infrastructure independent and are specialists in the fields of Linux, DevOps, Cloud Native and high-traffic webhosting.