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(-: Fun & Games @ the IHOP, near Clifton Commons... ;-)

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Every week on Thursday


680 Route 3 W · Clifton, NJ

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We have the "way far back"/private room reserved at IHOP...

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DETAILS HERE ... please click here & take a moment to read! Thanks!

Ext2-v020+ • Fun & Games MeetUp!...

Welcome back Fun Gamers!

First, a sincere thank you all for joining our MeetUp Group, "Fun & Games".

😎 A HUGE thanks to Chris-Bob ( for stepping up & becoming an Event Organizer for Fun & Games on Thursday Nights!!! 😎

New Place, New Time, New Format & New Friends too!!!

This is now our Thursday night series & IHOP location is every Thursday !!!

• If you can make it, I'd really appreciate you stopping by!!!

Kevin & Pat, IHOP's Manager & Asst Manager for the location, have booked us for all the Thursday's this July!...

• So let's make this a success, and help me get the word out!!!

Should you see Kevin & Pat, I ask that you thank them for supporting our group at IHOP... as well as thanking IHOP for being so gracious in allowing us the space for our group!

I'm hoping this new location make it easier for our southern FunGamers™!

[[ NOTEs --

••• ••• ••• New Place

IHOP ( >>> 680 Route 3 W, Clifton, NJ 07012

(If you're like me, and coming from the south, you'll have to U-Turn at the Linwood Ave West Exit to get to the "west side"...)

••• ••• ••• New Time

6:00 PM until essentially closing time (~10 PM) ... && then it's off to Shannon Rose to play some more ... (98 Kingsland Rd, Clifton, NJ 07014 (

••• ••• ••• New Format

New Place == New Details ... because we don't want to "impose" on our FunGamers™ a requirement to purchase food/drinks, we will need to be understanding and patient with IHOP staff (as they won't be adding a dedicated server for our group.) This may change if we start routinely having 20+ FunGamers™ and the majority voluntarily make purchases; but especially in the beginning, lets show them we're a great group to have!

With the newcomers to the group... and we now have three (3) regular days (in four locations); I have on occasion received a few common questions, like this is cool, but do we play this ? I would say, your best option is to read our handy dandy FAQ ~

(-8 To Game, or not To Game... but What is the Question?... 8-)

(note: this will open a browser window, which is how you can view all of our discussion posts... ☻)

••• ••• ••• New Friends

New Friends are great... who doesn't like new friends?... but in order to get new friends, we need to keep in mind that the IHOP location is kid friendly... not that we'll be having kids play, we're still primarily an adult group (with the occasional mature teen) however, we must be considerate of the passerby's... so I ask for you to be observant of your language & help others do so (in a friendly manner. ;-)

Also, at least initially, the ppl there are not expecting the F&G Invasion... so we need to be friendly and answer questions and encourage them to participate... maybe even offer to let new ppl play "with you" while you teach them and/or give up your seat so they can play... I know I will. :-)

Finally, this is in a slightly different geographical area... so for those of you who have friends you might have gamed with at Gamer's Gambit, I'd ask for you to maybe shoot them a quick text, call, e-mail, MeetUp Msg, or F&G Smoke Signal™ and let them know about our new Thursday night!

-- NOTEs ]]

Come & have some fun!!!

I look forward to seeing you all there!...

FYI for the new meeples, we're averaging a solid 20 ppl per week now (just not everyone RSVPs...) Speaking of RSVPs, I know MeetUp has a cut-off for RSVPing if you decide to show late so please don't let that hold you back... I'd love for you to all RSVP, but it's definitely not a requirement (the only requirement is to come and have fun!)

Please help us grow!... please share our group on Google+ & Facebook!

There are "high-res" photos available if you want to print a flyer for work and/or school!



a.k.a. Jorge Loco

PS RSVP isn't required, but it'll definitely help me out!

PPS Shall we play a game? (