What we're about

Come out and meet other young single Asians in their 20s and 30s, have fun and be awesome!

Participate in activities like Group Dining Out, Club Dancing, Movies, Board Games, Joining Festivals and more. Don’t be shy, believe in yourself, enjoy life and fate will just happen.

Vancouver is such an ethnically diverse city, it certainly makes it great and unique. However, the major differences in cultural backgrounds and values really do not work well with finding the right person. Even if you meet someone you like in another group, it’s not certain they will be single and it’s rather awkward to ask that right away. Especially if you are new to Vancouver and haven’t had the chance to meet many friends.
Let’s make Vancouver fun again!

Basic Courtesy:

● Please be single when you join and in the age of 20s to 30s (born in 1980s or 1990s).

● The group is created for people of Asian cultural background in mind, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Filipino etc. We are trying to keep the cultural backgrounds similar.

● We will have events usually on Friday night or Saturday evenings. If you RVSP, please do your best to show up or give notice early, especially for those events with limited spots.

● Please note the primary goal is to become familiar with each other, make friends and have a good time together.

● Please respect other members. This is not a hookup group, do not try to pick up other members for a one-night stand when you join a meetup event.

If you meet someone you feel there is a connection, feel free to exchange contacts so the two of you can arrange dates yourselves later.

However, people might give you contact info for politeness, you should expect the possibility of rejections with your advances as well, such as no reply or negative replies in the messages. In those cases, do not continue to pursue or become angry, it can be considered harassment. Don’t worry about it or let it hurt your self-esteem, you cannot make everyone like you and you don’t need to, you only need to meet one special person.

● If your relationship status change in the future but you still wish to join events, please make sure to leave a comment in that event that you are currently not single so other members will know you are just here for fun.

● Lastly, Girls! Please don’t be shy and join us, also ask your single female friends to download Meetup and join as well, they might not know where to meet all the great guys. Sharing is caring. :)

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