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Nutz & Boltz Mailbox Singles Event w/ great prizes -- 85 people already coming!

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85 people already coming!

Nutz & Boltz Mailbox Singles Event @ Mad River
Thursday, May 23rd
Starts @ 7:00 PM, Final Prize Raffles @ 9:30 PM

Typically ages 22-42.
Meet new people, have some drinks, make a connection, win some sh...tuff.
Lots of great prizes to give away!

Here's a cool new twist on having a mix and mingle night out. A nutz and boltz party! With mailboxes!
Of course this needs some explaining, so here we go:

Nutz & Boltz
See that first pic below? Those are nutz and boltz. Like the kind people use to things? Here's how this part of the event goes.

Step 1. Girls take a nut. Guys take a bolt.
Step 2. Go around trying to find a match! Nutz and boltz will be of different sizes, so obviously it's not gonna fit with every person you try. If it doesn't fit, try someone else!
Step 3: You found your match! See pic above. Nice work! Come to the front and you'll each get a RED raffle ticket for some pretty awesome prizes (see below).
Step 4: Grab a new nut and bolt and go at it again! The more connections you make, the more raffle tickets you get for a chance to win the prizes.

Mad River gift certificates S3 League spots Cubs Tickets
Bottles of wine

See that first pic below? Those are mailboxes. Like the kind people use to ummm...mail things? Here's how this part of the event goes.

Step 1. When you arrive you'll make a name tag and be given a number to write on it as well.
Step 2. During the night, you can come up to the front and write secret (or not secret) notes to people. They can be funny, flirtatious, random etc, but of course they've gotta be NICE and FUN. See example above.

What's the cost to attend?
$5 at the door
Everyone gets 3 RED raffle tickets when you arrive!

Exclusive Specials This Night
$2 Domestic Drafts, $3 Crafts, $4 Absolut flavor cocktails, $3 Kamikize & lemon drop shots, $8 Your Choice Burger and Fresh Cut Fries

We need to know how many are coming for planning purposes, so if you're gonna join us please send an email with group size to .

Gonna be another great event! See ya there