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You know you have the capacity to reach millions with your message but you are not there yet, you have this thing called fear and it feels so real , you want more out of life besides just being the coupon with Katelyn kinda gal ,you want more then dish duty with Dawn soap ,you want more than just being bottle bartender and bonbon couch girl ,secretly you wish you where not feeling that way and you may even feel a bit of guilt for not being inspired to be Suzy homemaker but you are willing to give that feeling up for the fearless life .And you are tired of providing the answers to whats for dinner,where is my socks you want to make the pact with supportive women who want to the same thing you want ; They want to be the answer to lifes deeper inspired questions!
You want to provide the answer to questions like ;
How to how to travel on a dime
How to be a money magnet,
How to develop the brand of be you and be beautiful the untapped secret to life
How to vent and own your value you,
you want to have the answer to
How to use appreciation marketing to appeal to who you want to attract,and what you want to create more
how to leverage the art of the invitation
You want to show your future members message that would cause something more ( such developing a money moving message,or transform their pain in to gain,or take a passion and turn it in to a pleasurable profit )

You want to be the book you write ,or
You want to provide answers to :How to add a little color to your world view so it empowers you
You want even more to turn busy work into more of your lifes work so you can wake up with a natural passion purpose and naturally inspire partnerships (also know as recruits)

You are starring at this page and you're feel a yearning on the inside to be You, that fun and fearless adventurous female, or that mountain mover of a mom with balls who is bold and unstoppable even though you have a baby on the bottle ,husbands that holds you so tight it feels a bit like its "unsupportive" ,and you are ready to disown the negative Nellie who tells you "you cant do it"when you know in your heart you can, you just need to feel and be supported with women who :Get You" and are making the same decision you're making to voice your value by sharing your defy odds story of glory and your courage ,commitment and the keep moving forward in the face of fears kind of faith
You are ready to live the gusty girls with Goals life apply here..
This is Part of the Love Affair project,Heart Link and Manifestation Miracle work to make the goals in your life go where they have never gone before and to cause that breakthrough away from fear to help you create the Disneyland Effect and make your small world bigger with the gutsy girl kind of Faith you have been yearning to be unleashed.
What this is not
This is not about confidence it about contribution with the of the gifts you have on the inside because of your glory story that came as you made a decision to give back.
Its not about business as usual where you become that product pusher its about the offer you are making for the girls to join in and keep there drive alive with your kinda of candy"commitment" because your offering provides that unique way to help them be more then they have been before with fun kinda feedback sandwich effect.

This is not about judgement but living a life that encompasses the principle of L.O.V.E( on the heart link website you will get an exclusive invite to )and understanding the values that make each person unique.

Its not about pay per play its about giving others an opportunity to investing in manifesting the miracle of the life that inspires them or their wealth project that they are committed to by taking the baby step of showing up and sharing their glory story of courage ,boldness,and owning every part of them perfect or imperfect so they can be sharing and showcasing there freedom from fear in their inspired world view .From that place we can help each other be more do more and have more with less fear and more impact.

This is not a place to hold your fear but to own your faith,the faith that gives you access to loving without conditions frees you up to carefully consider and partner in completing or contributing to a process of what each person gets the privilege to work through to own our individual glory story, birthed through our decision to free our fears, our insecurities , as we help wake up and inspire the gifts of others.

This is not a man bashing (in my past life truth be told I was that, from the place of fear" )its about getting that "We" are the best part of them and even Adam needed Eve to coexist and help him move his mountains.It's about being our best so we can inspire them to be their best through being our best.
Chatty Cathy's and Gossipy girls need not apply here. Unfortunately, that does not support the bigger objectives to support the life of the ones that are willing to defy fear, nor does that help people connect nor does it cause courage.Apply here to be apart and live from your heart.
You have reached an insatiable urge called "brandgasm" and it can only fully be
reached by taking action.
You are ready to take a gutsy girl with goals type of action .The invitation go ahead and follow you heart and be apart of being the gift to someone you are meant to inspire :Your journey starts here with a free virtual Coffee and Connect: go to https://calendly.com/connectwithportiafranklin

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HeartLinkHear Women Behaving Boldly Networking event

Santa Clarita


You have a story to tell!! Do you ever.And you want to tell and help others "be" having "boldly" You want to help the negative Nelly be a believer, and trauma torn Trish live a resilient life with better options. You believe in the power of becoming more because you lived it and you know it is possible through developing that bold belief and because you have a story or much like the "humor heals kinda story." You are invited to come taste , or wet more of that fun fearless appetite with what it's like to help partner with other Heart Linker's across the globe in manifesting more.. Even if you feel the cat has your tongue and you are better behind the business book work, because when you share what you offer you become unintentionally funny, even if you can't seem to get past the hanging out on social media at home because You feel more confident hanging out in your Pjs and living in the drama verses the dream of being more than just a mamma and helping others move mountains. Even if you think you can only be a BonBon babe because the couch feels more comfy !!!! You belong !!!!Because you showing up is all apart of the magic of manifesting connecting to your confidence !Confidence in sharing your glory story of defying fear whatever that maybe .You are the perfect miracle manifestation of the story of courage. You may have just become all kinda excited after reading this . You just had a brand orgasm !! Warning it becomes contagious and even more fun as you act on your inspiration.So come be a part of the network with heart and just decide to "behave" more boldly this year. I dare you .lol. Manefesting your miracle starts here at !!! You must register ahead no exceptions once registration is closed its closed text and 31996 text the phrase fun&fellowshipntwk Meeting Agenda Just in case you feel a bit nosey... 1130 meet and great 11:45 to 12:00 minute talk on the table Who do you think you are ? Inspired by the show and the passing away of my other amazing dad 12 to 1245 three minutes each sharing on how you help others manifest their miracles with your service or offer. 1245 to 1250 raffle 1250 close with meditation for your mind by Antonia minute on takeaway what did you get/feel out of being apart

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