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Fun, Feisty and Over 50 promotes positive participation where members can enjoy activities in a relaxed, "non-pickup-scene" social environment. It's our intent to create an open, supportive, and encouraging environment and in the process, build solid, lasting friendships. If you are looking for a welcoming and energetic group, you are invited to join us!!

Membership Requirements
Age 50 or over - Check! You reside in Northeast Wisconsin - Check!

Other Requirements:

Profile photo of your face. This is a group where people new make friends, so a good picture of your face in your profile will help everyone find you at an event and remember you. It's especially helpful for events hosts to watch for newcomers who attend the activity. Instructions are here, after you become a member of our group.

Enrouraged: attend a minimum of one (1) event in 6 months because the main purpose of these groups is to MEET UP! If you don't see any events you like, please suggest the events to organizers or possibly host one that you think others would also like.

Chip In -- We ask that everyone chip in $5 per year, payable within 180 days (trial period). This money goes towards the site fee and other costs as needed. It is easiest to pay online but you may also pay in cash when you see me at an event.

*No Show Policy - Nobody likes to be stood up and it is inconsiderate to not show up for an event that you RSVP'd YES to. Event hosts are responsible for ensuring everyone who attends their event can find the group so they'll wait and watch for you. We know that sometimes things come up and you cannot make it at the last minute, so if you cannot attend an event at the last minute please message the organizer through the meetup site for that event so they know not to look for you.

Although rare, if a member "repeatedly" signs up for events and then does not show up or notify the organizer that they cannot come (and do not change their RSVP to a no), it would be handled on a case by case basis. There have been a few members who have been dropped from the group in the past, which hopefully won't happen often, but if it became a problem then it would have to be addressed in some way, possibly a warning or maybe being asked to leave the organization.

Be Kind
This goes a long way towards making this a great experience. Please help create a positive, friendly, and welcoming environment.

Be Respectful
Treat others with the same respect that you expect from them. Verbal or physical harassment, gossip, contemptuous speech, or unwelcome touching, romantic or sexual advances are not acceptable forms of behavior. It is important that this group is a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. Members who engage in negative or inappropriate behaviors may be removed from the group at the leadership team's discretion. Members who are the recipients of this bad behavior are encouraged to report incidents to the Meetup Organizer, Annette W., or Candy L. Several reports from others involving a member will justify their immediate removal from the group.

SPAM/SCAM or Unwelcome solicitations via the Meetup personal messaging Please report any "questionable" private messages from strangers. Phishing is a common problem especially some meetup groups. Please notify the Organizer, Annette W. immediately if you believe someone is phishing or attempting to scam others.

Honor your RSVP
Read the entire event description before you RSVP. Your host endeavors to provide all the pertinent information about the meetup in the description. If you have any questions or concerns about an event, contact the event host and/or organizers prior to the event.

If you RSVP to an event, please be respectful of your host and fellow attendees and arrive on-time or notify the host if you will be late via the private messaging in Meetup or posting a Comment in the message board of the event.

Please view "Rules of the Road" and "About Us" for more information.

Thank You!

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