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Hello everyone! I’m Stephanie, and I’m an expat coming from many places.. but originally from Venezuela. I would like to propose a group of FUN and FRIENDSHIP.

I have checked out a lot of the groups here at the Meetup community and even though they’re all awesome in their own way, they’re all centered on doing specific activities. So, I decided to create this group to make friends and share lots of different activities.
If you’re like me (expat newbie in Brussels), you probably would like to have an actual group of friends to plan activities!

BTW, Belgians are also very welcome :D

So, why not…
Going to the movies?
Going for a run or a walk?
Exploring Brussels or other beautiful city or interesting place ?
Dancing? Not Dancing Lessons! Just the good old-fashion way… going to some disco to enjoy a good body-shake 😊
Bowling? or maybe eating some nice sushi or other delicious delicacy ?
Or just simply an Afterwork beer to reduce stress?

Well, I think you’ve now got my point :)

Also, I wouldn’t like to impose the activities… Well maybe at first, to see if you may be interested… but I would also like you to propose activities.

For that, I have thought out a very transparent, well known, and simple method:
1. Join our group :)
2. Go to the comments area
3. Comment the activity you’d like to do!
Or maybe you like some other activity proposed by other group member ?
if this is the case.. you just have to ‘Like’ ❤️ their comment.

The one that gets more likes will be the next Meetup !


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Shall we commence ? Anyone up for a drink?


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