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This is a group for people looking to make friends and hang out. Whether it's a hike, a barbecue, a pub crawl, a party, or special events, nice, fun, professional people can meet up and socialize! We can even make up our own tailored events and just plain have fun. Plus, we can network!

A few guidelines, first:

1- Anyone can become a member, regardless of place of residence.

2- You can use the group to promote your business or venue but you must coordinate this with the Chief Organizer (me) first.

3- Sexual harassment will not be tolerated and if there is an accusation of it with evidence, then you will be removed from the group and your money will not be refunded. You can date within the group, we are all adults, but no stalking, harassing or bothering anyone, please.

4- Members should have a clear face picture (with no sunglasses) on their profile. Those who do not will be contacted and asked to put a face picture and if they are adamant, then they will be removed.

6- Members should give a brief description of themselves upon joining the group.

7- Events/activities must be approved by me first and then you can post your event. Please write to me via message inbox. Thanks! If a certain event is not a popular event, it should not become a recurring event. Recurring events that do not have more than 5 members attending will be eliminated from the calendar unless the event host contacts me and we work out an agreement. This will leave our calendar open for events that will actually be attended by the most members.

8- Simultaneous events can be posted, but it is best to contact me and work out an arrangement. If I post an event that coincides with your event and I am not aware of it, please contact me and let me know, we are of course, only human.

9 - There is a $5.00 a year membership fee towards monthly payments and organizer efforts. This membership fee started June 2017. For existing members, there is a two week trial period. After that two week trial period you can opt out or keep with us for fun events. You will be automatically charged the next year unless you cancel your membership before.

10- Even though I am the founder and Chief Organizer of the group you are certainly welcome to create your own events or get-togethers. It's not just my group, it's OUR group! If no events are happening from my end because I am busy or other; please feel free to create events and host them. Thanks!!!

Hope to see you guys soon at our events! The idea is to build friendships!

Much love, much peace and much fun!!


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