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Memorial Day 2019 Paint & Picnic In Central Park - A Bucket List Event!

Memorial Day 2019 Paint & Picnic In Central Park - A Bucket List Event! Get tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/memorial-day-2019-paint-picnic-in-central-park-a-bucket-list-event-tickets-61597230976 About this Event *You have to prepay here in advance (can't pay at the event)* HAVE SOME LUNCH AND/OR COCKTAILS (BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS AND FOOD) & PAINT OUTDOORS! THIS EVENT IS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. THE CHANCE TO PAINT IN CENTRAL PARK IS A DREAM FOR MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD SO DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. Socialize and Paint! ~ Come on out to Central Park for some colorful fun. Feel free to bring your own beverage and snacks and we will provide you with canvas, supplies and instruction! Enjoy a beautiful day in the park combined with painting = experience that can't be beat! So what's this event all about? Sip cocktails or have lunch while making new friends and paint a great canvas under the guidance of a master artist! We supply paint and brushes, canvases, easels, and aprons. MEETING SPOT: Enter the park on east 85 on the north side of the Met. Museum. The event host will be on that side behind the Met. BY THE WAY... YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ANY ARTISTIC ABILITY TO ENJOY THIS EVENT. FOR MANY PEOPLE ATTENDING IT WILL BE THEIR FIRST TIME PAINTING ANYTHING IN YEARS. THE ARTIST WILL WALK YOU THROUGH EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP. * In the event of rain, we have a nearby backup indoor location that we will move the event to. You'll have a great time meeting like-minded fun new friends and Typically about 75% of attendees of this event come alone and 25% bring friends. People of all ages are welcome to attend (over 21 of course). • Student learn the art of mixing colors, blending and painting techniques from an accredited artist in this 2 hour class. • Instruction, a 12x16 pre - sketched canvas, unlimited acrylic paint (water based) is the medium and painting supplies, brushes, apron and a take home bag are all included. This is going to be a fun time!!!!!! Get tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/memorial-day-2019-paint-picnic-in-central-park-a-bucket-list-event-tickets-61597230976 https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/8/4/2/4/highres_481593828.jpeg

Differences Between Men & Women - Debate & Mixer


*PURCHASE HERE (Prepay Only Event) - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/men-vs-women-debate--mixer/dates/ It's not a secret that most of the time, men and women operate on two totally different wavelengths. Join us for this fun and informal event where we come together to get on the same page... at least for one night :) Your host and moderator for this fun event where we will enjoy cocktails, socializing, and then sit for a guided discussion/debate about the issues that mean the most to you... all at a luxurious rooftop/penthouse! How it works: Doors open at 6pm for socializing & cocktails. During this time you are invited to anonymously write down questions, comments & observations that will be directed towards members of the opposite sex. The comments/questions will be dropped in a box. Around 7:30pm the group will be seated as we pull out each comment to be read out loud (again anonymously) for members of the opposite sex to answer, give feedback, and debate. This is really a fun way to get into the heads of exactly what people are thinking. You will be amazed at the very candid and honest things that come out. You may walk away enlightened or even more frustrated but you will certainly have fun! FAQs: Can I come alone? Yes 98% of those attending will likely come on their own. Will my questions comments be private? Yes, we have no way of knowing who wrote each question. Will there be professionals to consult? No! This is mean to be fun and informative. The participants drive the conversations and debates. If you are looking for professional help you may want to look somewhere else. Is it age/ethnic specific? No, all are welcome 21 & older. How many will be attending? This is a multi-group event so don't just go by the RSVP's you see on this group. Based on pre-sales from other groups, we'll have 25+ members attending. *PURCHASE AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/men-vs-women-debate--mixer/dates/ *$15-$25 depending how early you purchase. NOT sold at door.

Friends Trivia- Ross , Rachel and the Gang!

The Bryant Park Lounge (Residence Inn Marriott - Times Square)

6:30 PM- Friends Trivia. This is a multi group event open to all Friends fans. It is not meant to be age specific or gender balanced.. * Prepay required HERE FOR SINGLE ADMISSION- https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/friends-trivia/dates/ depending on when you register. Register early and save. $20 at the door if any space available. ============================================================================= Have you watched every episodes of the ten-season seminal show, "Friends"? Did you weep every time Ross and Rachel broke up? Rejoice at Monica and Chandlers wedding? Reach back into your memory and see how much you know! Coming Alone? No problem! Part of the fun is meeting new people. We will put you on a team with other Friends Fans! 95% of the participants come solo How it works We will have 4-6 teams and approximately 5 rounds. Work with your team-mates to get the most questions right and you are eligible to win some great prizes at the end of the event. * Prepay required HERE FOR SINGLE ADMISSION- https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/friends-trivia/dates/ $15.95-$20 depending on when you register. Register early and save. $20 at the door if any space available.

Speed FRIENDING- expand your social circle- ages 20's, 30's, 40's

The Bryant Park Lounge (Residence Inn Marriott - Times Square)

THIS IS **NOT** A DATING EVENT Prepay is required at https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/speed-friending/dates/ THIS IS **NOT** A DATING EVENT! If you are looking to expand your social circle and make new friends/activity partner, then this Meetup is for you! HOW IT WORKS: 1. We will break attendees up into groups of 2-4 people and provide some ice-breakers get to know you questions. 2. The group will stay together for about 5-10 minutes and at the end of the round, half of the participants will move to a new station and start a new round, meeting new people. FAQs: How many will attend? This is a MULTI-GROUP partner Meetup. Don't go by the RSVPs you see in this group alone. We will have a good number of members attending. Can I come alone? Yes. 95% of those attending will be coming on their own. This is a great way to network, connect and make new friends! Is this age-specific? This particular event is NOT age specific and is open to all. **THIS IS A MEETUP APPROVED EVENT NOT A DATING EVENT. This is for new friendships, please be respectful of people of the opposite sex. If someone does not want to disclose their information as far as phone numbers and/or emails, please respect that. *Prepay Only Event. Must get ticket in advance to attend. $15-$25 depending upon how early you purchase ticket. Prepay is required at https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/speed-friending/dates/

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