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* Get valuable insights into yourself to improve your life, your uniqueness

* Learn how people see you and perceive you – therefore how they treat you.

* Do you understand your feelings, actions, and reactions?

* Learn how the planets influence us - our environment, work, health, relationships

* Learn how astrology really works

* The 12 signs (people) and their compatibility with one another

* The planets their purpose and how they affect you daily

* The 12 aspects of your life and the 12 houses of a chart

* Know when good times are approaching?

* When life is difficult – understand why - the purpose and
when is it going to end!!!

* Receive your basic natal chart & interpretation of your chart to study


What do I really want?

Why do you do what you do?

How do people really view me?

What does my future look like?

When am I going to feel better?

What are my talents, my purpose?

Why some days are productive and others not?

Why do I keep attracting the same situations/people?

Why am I attracted to this person are we compatible?

CLASS STARTS SUNDAY FEB 24th, 2013 AT 2:30 PM TO 4:30 PM


Throughout the classes - We will be studying the basic meaning of the signs, planets, houses and the relationship between them. The chart and the why - how - when of what you think and do through understanding your chart.

This Class/Meetup will be will be closed to new attendees after this 1st class so as not to disrupt the flow of learning. Class size will be kept small maximum of 8 people minimum of 5 people. (If you cannot make the 1st class or one of the other classes 1 makeup class with Loreena will be made available)

NOTICE - Fees for this class are $200.00 through Amazon OR Pay Pal for 8 classes. Payments can be made with credit card at PayPal or Amazon, cash is also welcomed at the 1st class. A deposit must be made of at least $25.00 non refundable, to hold and secure your place.

For a payment arrangement (2 or 3 payments) please contact Loreena at 602 881-4443.

There is a discount for those wanting to re take the class again - cost will be $125.00

Refreshments - Tea, Soda, Water and tasty snacks for munching at every class


The more information you have the more power you have over your life and how it works. Without some awareness of who we really are we are not choosing how we live our lives, we are simply reacting to life.

Astrology is a map of consciousness and access to this kind of map and model greatly facilitates personal and spiritual growth it is a powerful diagnostic tool for self help and all the helping professions. Astrology touches every aspect of our lives. When we meet someone for the first time, we pick up vibrations from that person; we can "feel" whether we have a connection with them. That connection can be seen in the astrology charts of the two people involved. This information is very useful for marriages, business partners, parent - child, employee – employer, or friends.

This is an exciting and fun class with a mix of fun, seriousness, awareness and study for beginners wanting to explore deeper into human nature through the art of Astrology.

Loreena has been an Astrologer and Spiritual Life Coach/Guide for the last 40 years. She has done thousands of charts for clients throughout the USA and has been teaching one on one or through small classes for the last 15 years.

Here’s what Loreena's students are saying about the Astrology classes

"I am learning more in these classes than I have learned in 46 years of dabbling in astrology." Shelia 2011

"I have learned more about me and what makes me tick in 4 classes then in 3 years of therapy!!! Amazing." Maryann 2011

"This was a Great class, lot's of energy and great information. This class is an excellent learning experience." James T. 2012

“ I love this class -- such a great teacher and everybody is so into learning Astrology. Tonight was amazing -- how accurate the personal charts were for everyone -- and the celebrities -- it just reinforces my belief that this is exactly what I need to be doing at this point in my life! ” Lisa 2010

"GREAT class!! Solid teaching and instruction with examples. Excited about looking at individual charts next week!!" James T. 2012

"I've been exposed to astrology and had my chart done several times they were costly too, Loreena knows so much more then any astrologer I have ever met and the prices are SO reasonable. This is an excellent investment in one's self." 2012

“ This is another exciting and detailed information regarding the signs and planets. There is so much to learn that it is a challenge to memorize everything in 1 week before the next class. Thanks for breaking down your knowledge in such a structured format. ” Tara 2010

“ Oh, the 12 astrological houses...this is really getting deep! I have learned more about myself in one night that I have in the past 7 years. Loreena is very patient with all of us as we fumble our way through astrology.” Lisa H

"Loreena makes this class fun, on top of gaining alot of knowledge. She makes it SO ineteresting, because you can SEE her heart is really in it! " Norma 2012

“ Amazing we are all made like pieces of a puzzle. The signs - the planets - the symbols it is starting to make sense about how incredibly complicated and unique we all are. As the mysteries of our selves are unfolding through the understanding of astrology. Its even more fun and interesting since we are all different signs and react so differently. Great class and fellow students. ”

“ Wow, I just find it SO incredible to learn how CLOSELY the reality of our personality, our life experiences and challenges, etc. mirror what our astrological natal chart shows. Loreena's interpretations are dead on. She is truly a master and knows MUCH of what she speaks. This 8 week class will teach you LOTS and help you understand how much there is to learn and KNOW about all of the "aspects" of astrology. It is a VERY interesting and fascinating 8 week workshop! ” Judi 2010

“ I learned how to make friends with my conflicting self through understanding the planets in my chart. Loreena teaches Astrology with grace and openness. Her intuition is is what makes her different than the abstract charts that you download off the internet. Astrology is one of the oldest science and is not fiction, I encourage everyone to have a deeper look at their self you will be surprised how much easier to understand yourself. ”Kyle 2010

“ I love learning each weeks topics.. each class adds on another layer from the ones before.. Loreena is fabulously proficient in expertise and has an ease with teaching. I would recommend this Class to anyone interested in Astrology, and I look forward to continuing Workshops as well.” Renee 2011

“ We had a lot of fun interpreting celebrity charts and our own. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. I hate to see this class series end and look forward to more classes with Loreena in the future! ” Shelia 2011

“Awesome and enlightening learning experience through out the course. Well divided where the info flows effortless. Loreena knows her astrology and teaches it with it congruency and grace. I recommend it to anyone wants to know more about themselves.” Pat 2011

“ I had no idea how complex and detailed Astrology could be -- and I think we are only scratching the surface. Each week seems to draw me deeper into a true desire to really "get it" -- this could be / will be life changing! ” Randy 2010

“ This was our last class and I'm sorry to see the series end. It was an absolute blast! Oh yeah, and I learned a lot too. Loreena makes learning astrology so interesting and so much fun that you don't want it to end. I highly recommend this class! ” Shelia 2011

"This class was amazing, it's starting to make sence, I can't wait for the next class. Great teacher and wonderful interaction. Loreena makes each class so interesting and fun!. She shares her heart and energy. " Richard K. 2012

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