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This is a group for women who love to have fun and want to meet other fun female friends. If you like going out, trying new places to eat or drink, going to the movies, and dancing, this group is for you! You don't have to be fancy, but I love fancy things so there will definitely be some fancy events. The most important thing is that you want to meet new friends, have a good time, and develop friendships. I can't wait to meet you!

It takes time and effort to plan meetups: pick out places, make reservations, etc. It's not fair to others who have planned events and to those going to events if you decide to cancel last minute.

To be part of this group, I am asking you to adhere to these rules.

• Change your RSVP the day before if you can no longer make it. Cancelling the day of an event is not acceptable unless you have an extreme situation (e.g. last minute illness or other emergency). I once sat at a restaurant by myself for 30 minutes because 7 other women were all no shows. I understand things come up, but if you do this repeatedly, I will unfortunately have to remove you from the group.

• If you sign up on the waiting list, this means that you plan to go to the event if someone else doesn't. Make sure you monitor the event. If you have scheduled something else and can no longer go, then remove yourself from the waiting list. Lots of people cancel when the event becomes closer, so there is usually a good chance you will get in.

• Annual dues of $1.50. This is the minimum you are allowed to charge for Meetup. I am doing this to make sure people are committed to the group - not to make money. I am actually charged $200/year to have a meetup group so if 200 people pay this I will be compensated for the annual fees. Any extra money will be reinvested in the group.

These rules are not meant to be burdensome; they are just meant so that people show up and have a good time. Meetups are super fun and I've met most of my friends in Raleigh over the past five years in the Meetup app.

If you have any ideas for things to do or places to go, never hesitate to contact me or post to the discussion board. If you are interested in being an assistant organizer, feel free to send me a message.

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Wine Tasting at Rock Of Ages Winery

Rock of Ages Winery

Let’s start our wine tasting adventure by visiting North Carolina Wine Trail. We will start at Rock Of Ages Winery. Due to the pandemic, we will be having our wine tasting in a group of four. We will relax and enjoy the beautiful vineyard! There will be outdoor and indoor seating!

Note: We will be having lunch in downtown Roxboro at 11:00! I will post the restaurant soon!

Wine Tasting – WE ARE OPEN

We are open daily from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, excluding Holidays and you do not have to schedule an appointment for tastings. We offer wine tastings daily approximately every 30 minutes.

Tastings are broken down into 2 categories.

Dry White, Dry Red
Rock of Ages Winery Wine Tasting (North Carolina)
We have our tastings broken down into 2 categories because we are currently offering 40 different wines. We have found that most people only enjoy tasting the categories of wine they like. For instance, most people that drink dry red or dry white wines do not typically like sweet wine. However, occasionally there is that person that likes all kinds of wine and so for you we will choose 3 or 4 wines from each category.
The wine tasting for each category is $8.00, and within each category you will be tasting 10 – 11 different wines.

Brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Café

Southern-Inspired, Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch.

Start your day the delicious way with southern-style biscuit beignets, gourmet omelettes, a variety of unique eggs benedicts and more.

Try a Brunch Cocktail
Start your morning off right with a hand-crafted, signature cocktail! They pair perfectly with our breakfast, brunch and lunch options

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Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing Brunch

Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

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