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Check out my other Meet Up Group West Norwood and South London meet up
Hello everyone please join our other meetup group which has been going for nearly 2 years, we have been to some amazing events, although it is called West Norwood and South London Meet Up, we can travel all over, we don't just stay in the South, check out our past and future events here is the link Cheers Toyin

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Calling all fun people in the South also folks in the East, North and West of London and whoever wants to join us whilst travelling in London. Please feel free to join my other group this group is more active.

About this group: Are you looking for exciting like minded individuals who want to experience fun and quirky events. Are there places that you have always wanted to visit, do you have different interests to your friends, has your best friends moved away, friends are married, have a young family, or are you new in London? If this is the case join us. Events will take place whenever i find something exciting to attend, the group is for positive individuals who want to do something new for a change with like minded fun people. Examples of events will be Themed Nights, Dressing up in different eras, Burlesques Shows, 1920's, 30's, 40's 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's events, Jive/Swing Dancing, Line Dancing, Afro Beats, Salsa, River Dancing Shows, Comedy Shows, Pop Up Events, Food Festivals, Street Food Markets, Theater, Cinema, Opera, Celebrating other people's cultures, Dinners, Lunch, Picnics, Weekends away, Holidays, Spas and lots more. If you know of any quirky events that you feel is fun and have always wanted to partake please share with me and will see what i can do, all suggestion are really appreciated. Additionally if you would like to host an event please feel free to do so, you must have attended at least 5 meetups, must be a VIP MEMBER so that other members can get a better understanding of who you are as a person.

There will be small membership fee of £10 to be paid annually this helps towards the running cost of the meetups, which includes planning, researching, sourcing, admin and meetup site charges. Each member will become a VIP MEMBER once payment has been received.

First time members attending their first meetup with us will be free, this is for you to get a feel of the group and see whether this is a group that is right for you, however if you chose not to become a VIP Member after attending your first meetup each meetup event you attend,there will be a fee of £2.50 charge which needs to be paid before each meetup via Paypal or my bank account. If you are bringing friends/guests to the meetup they too will need to pay £2.50 each meetup, also to be paid before they attend a meetup.

Please be aware VIP MEMBERS will have priority on all events first, so if they are waiting in a spot to attend an event and a NON VIP MEMBER has RSVP YES apologies in advance i will have to RSVP your YES to a NO, hope you understand, we just need to be fair to regular members who have paid their yearly membership fee of just £10 to attend unlimited events throughout the year, £2.50 allows you to visit just 4 events in one year, what can i say.

PHOTO's are needed when you RSVP YES to attend an event it's only fair that everyone has an up to date photo of themselves alone, as we would all love to recognize individuals who are joining us on our meetups. Please also use your real name, thanks for understanding, apologies for any inconvenience caused in advance, look forward to meeting you all. Oh also please give me a brief info of you, your locations and hobbies and what you are looking for from this gruop

WARNING *PLEASE NOTE 'NO SHOWS' WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!* If you RSVP 'Yes' and do not turn up without RSVP NO you will be removed immediately from this group! Apologies if this sounds harsh but please understand that Organizers put a lot of time and work into planning events and it's very frustrating when members don't bother to show up at all, i do hope you understand -Thank you!

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