What we're about

This group is for families in the DFW area that are interested in fun, family friendly activities.

The activities will normally be targeted for younger kids, since we have a toddler, but we will try to keep it general enough so that older kids can have fun too. The types of activities we had in mind are:

- Parks
- Lunches/Dinners
- Festivals
- Play dates
- Picnics and bbq's
- Day trips out of town
- Weekend cabin trips
- Mommy's day off (dad's take care of the kids while moms go out, oh boy!)

There's a few rules to keep in mind before joining the group:
- We don't drink or smoke, if you do, please don't do it in front of the children in the group.
- We don't use any bad language around the children.
- We don't play inappropriate music (with cussing) around the children.

We hope to build fun and lasting relationships in the group. Hope you will join us!

Past events (3)

Kid Mania

Kid Mania

Snow fest

Grace Outreach Center