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Welcome everyone. It would have been a shame to let this huge group die so I've taken over as organizer. This is a social group for singles and couples. For anyone looking to get out and socialize. Dining out, live music, activities. The only thing I ask is that if you RSVP as yes, please show up especially for dining out events that I've made reservations for. See you out and about!

A $1 per event donation to cover the cost of monthly Meetup fees is always appreciated. Thank you!

New RSVP policy

Update, 8/12/18: I think it's time to try to weed out some of the rude and inconsiderate people from the group. From now on anyone who has RSVP'd as yes to an event and can't make the event but doesn't change their RSVP to a no will be banned from the group. No second chances, just banned. It literally takes 10 seconds to open the meetup app and change your RSVP to no. There's no excuse, it's just basic politeness.

It's totally understandable to have something come up that prevents you from making an event. But have the courtesy of changing your RSVP to no please.

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