Sunday Hiking and Walk-Klipriviersberg Nature R. (5K Walk, 12K Hike & 15K Hike)

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Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

The JCP Entrance Precint, Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park · Johannesburg

How to find us

We use the new JCP Entrance Precinct in the South of the Reserve: -26.303725, 28.010931

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If you enjoy the great outdoors, the company of awesome people and keeping fit join us on our monthly Sunday hike and walk at the beautiful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve.

In order to accommodate everyone we have 3 groups:

• the 5Km walk is at a slow, relaxed pace;

• the 12 and 15kms hikes at a faster pace for a healthy and invigorating workout.

Based on your fitness level you may wish to choose to walk with the 5Km group or do the hike with the 11Km or the 13Km group. Bring the kiddies and bring your parents too!

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5K (walk) , 12K (hike) and 15K (hike).

The itinerary includes:

Sarel Marais homestead - farmhouse and wagon shed (5K and 12K)

Tswana Reconstruction (5K and 12K)

Marais Family Graveyard (5K and 12K)

Lookout Point and Dassie Trail (12K and 15K)

Sunbird Trail and Lookout Point (15K)

Silent Pool (5K, 12K and 15K)

Beacon (still to establish whether this is the highest point in Johanneburg) (12K and 15K)

Lookout point for large mammals (Zebra, Springbok, Blesbok, other) (12K and 15K)

Remains of Tswana Dwellings (12K and 15K)

Almost anyone will be able to do the 5K walk with Jan's Group but you need to be reasonably fit to do the 11K and 15K hikes (should you be overweight or have a heart condition you might also find the 5K to be too strenuous). Should you feel uncomfortable at any stage, have a rest and should you still be tired return to the car-park rather.

Keep in mind: this outing is for you and everyone else in our group to enjoy the great outdoors, the social and a workout.

What to bring

Something to drink and something to eat, a hat, sunblock, good shoes - and a camera to record the occasion! A degree of fitness will enable you to enjoy the hike. There is a Coffee Shop/ Restaurant at the entrance should you need to buy a bottle of water/ other (refer below).

Fees (on the day):

· Adults: R30/ person

· Pensioners: Free (please bring a valid SASSA card with you)

· Teens: R10pp (13-19 year old)

· Kids: Free

Coffee Shop/ Restaurant

There is a new Coffee Shop/ Restaurant at the main building close to the parking area. Besides hot and cold beverages they serve light meals as well.

Following the 5K walk (with Jan's Group) the other day, Artemis le Roux visited the Coffee Shop whilst she and members of her 5K Group were waiting for their friends on Ilona's Group (11K). Artemis said the coffee was good. Some members on her Group opted for the curry - apparently very tasty as well. Artemis also said that they all enjoyed the social.

This Coffee Shop is the ideal venue for you to have something to eat prior to your walk/ hike (breakfast on the go). A good place also for a light meal/ refreshment at the end of your hike/ walk - the ideal venue to have refreshments should you be waiting for friends on other hiking Groups.

The Coffee Shop is clean, well managed and the staff is friendly. Give it a try!

Safety - please take the relevant safety precautions:

Turn on the car alarm; close the windows and lock your vehicle's doors; don't leave valuables inside your vehicle. Should there be issues pls report them to me or to one of the other Organisers.

The JCP Entrance

We have been using the new JCP Entrance Precinct in the South of the Reserve for quite a while: [masked],[masked] (traveling up Peggy Vera Road, the new precinct entrance is immediately after the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre on the right) - directions below.

The Nature Reserve

The 650ha Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, just 11km south of downtown Johannesburg, is an oasis of calm amid the bustle of the city. Among the largest nature reserves in the Johannesburg metropolitan area, Klipriviersberg (Afrikaans for “stone river mountain”) was proclaimed in 1984 to preserve the area’s rich biodiversity and archaeological sites.

The reserve is home to more than 600 plant and 150 bird species. Zebra, red hartebeest, black wildebeest, blesbok, duiker, springbok and mountain reedbuck roam freely in the reserve.

Unique artifacts and ancient dwellings have been discovered in the reserve. Nineteen stone-walled Iron Age settlements have been identified, along with 90 sites that suggest a large pastoral settlement in the area. Excavations have revealed signs of agrarian production, the rearing of cattle and goats, and hunting, while the remains of a village provide evidence of an early Batswana community that lived on the koppies in the area. The ruins of a house, built in 1850 by voortrekker Sarel Marais, are also a point of interest in the reserve.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is welcome to do the 13K but it is important to mention that the 13K is kinda fast, whereas the 11K is done at a more relaxed pace. There are a couple of fit hikers on the 13K and you don't want to slow them down... so if unsure where you fit why not try the 11K first and then do the 13K on a subsequent hike at Klipriviersberg?

You decide what is comfortable for you. Thanks.

These Sunday morning hikes at Klipriviersberg are always fun.


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Read more about the 'Dassie' or the 'Rock Hyrax' on Wikipedia ( >

What Fun Seekers are saying about this hike:

"Was hesitant at first, but what a joy this walk was. Jan had a wealth of knowledge and made the experience so interesting and delightful. I find myself looking forward to the next one" Moira (

"Thanks for an awesome hike everyone. The three groups worked really well... slow, medium, fast.... 🙌" Teresa (

"Thanks for the lovely pictures Teresa" Ashish Ambekar (

"We had an awesome walk. Ended up doing 8k's and to my surprise I didn't do too badly. Thank you Jan" Anna Maria Francisco (

"It was a great hike, thank you all" Martijn Vreugde (

"Thank you to the team for an amazing hike. It was absolutely beautiful and such a fun bunch of people. Looking forward to the next one." Desiree (

"Thanks Tony, Ilona and Niren! We had so much fun. Really enjoyed the hike. Looking forward to the next one." Stephanie (

"Massive thanks to Tony and his team for an awesome hike. Had a blast, nice pace, great new friends, amazing views." Martijn Vreugde (

"Hi Ilona, Tony and Niren, thank you for organizing a lovely day-really enjoyed the scenic 11.5km hike with Ilona and a friendly group - next time will try to join in the lunch with you when its not full" caroline white (

"Great Hike" Yvonne Van Der Merwe (

"Thanks for a great hike everyone" JanBeth (

"Thank you to organizers and the great people in our group!" Helena (

"What a great way to have spent my Sunday 😀 Thank you to the whole team for a lovely hike and lunch😇 big shout out to our cheerleader and photographer Billy..." Zenboo (

"A lovely day for a pleasant hike with friends. Thank you Tony & Niren for organizing and Darryl for driving!" Courtnay Micots (

"Wow, that took quite a surprising turn from the old route, awesome hike and you feel like you've done a good deed to the bones for sure. Perfect rounding off at our famous lunch venue afterwards to please the grumbling tummies. Beautiful day and wonderful company" Estelle (

"Hi Tony thank you and all that joined the hike today it was great and same goes for the lunch afterwards . Good company all around" Andre Lockhart (

" was tough and hard but I enjoyed it and I lost 1kg in the process... having fun and losing weight... it's magic!" Billy Jack (

"This was a fun group of folks. Thanks for including me; I had a lovely time! A great challenging hike!" Courtnay Micots (

"Enjoyed it much thank you" anneli (

"I'm so happy I went along, it was a beautiful sunny hot day. To those of you who are unsure, I can highly recommend - GO ! Standing at the top of a hill, looking at Jhb CBD in the distance and then looking at zebras, springboks, blesboks and wildebeest is such a contrast and made me remember that we don't have to go far to be back in nature. Being with the Funseekers group makes it feel safer and is much more fun, Thank you Ilona, Tony, Niren" Kearen (

"What an enjoyable time spent. Great way to wekcome the new week ahead. Thank you organisers and all I hiked with!" Nicky (

"Thank you Tony, Ilona and Niren. 12k is a good workout! One of my favourite hikes! Keep on hiking - see you soon!" Hester (

"A really lovely outing" Val (

"One of my best hikes, I had an amanzing time, I really loved it.. Thank you Tony, Niren and Ilona for organising this event.. excellent!!!" Patricia T (

"Loved the walk a lot- what a beautiful nature reserve. People are fantastic." Rose (

"An amazing hike, once again! A great kick start for the coming week!" Hester (

"A nice hike, good company and beautiful weather! We saw game and great lookout points. We had good exercise and a great start to the week ahead. Everybody needs time to reflect and contemplate, and the most inspirational and peaceful place to do so is in nature. Thanks to all who attended and hope to see you again soon" Ilona (

"Great day with lots of fresh air and fabulous people. Loved it!" Sanet Kotze (

"Amazing!!! First hike and I had an incredible time. Thanks everyone really enjoyed it and will definitely be on the next one. Thanks for the little awesome lift club Guy Hall. Thank you all." Abdull derrik Yusuf (

"Oooh wow! time well spent... great hiking with fun people. You guys were awesome! Thanks. See you all next time :)" Nthabiseng (

"Thanks it was a great hike with great people. Really enjoyed it." Claire Seston (

"Thanks! Really enjoyed the hike this morning! Nice group and the weather was perfect! Great week!" Hester

"The people were friendly and the hike was great....definitely will be back" Lilia de Melo

"Awesome" Cindy

"Thanks for organizing, it turned out to be a resourceful and insightful outing" Mapaseka

"Had a great time. Thanks for organizing" Colette

"An excellent way to spend Sunday morning!" Diane

"Superb" Djamila

"Alwayz great to b out n about... thank u" Kay

"Another wonderful hike here at the beautiful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve! Very friendly people and great weather on top of it. I really enjoyed to do the slower hike with some of you this time and soak up the peace and beauty of the nature even more. There couldn't be a better start to the week ahead. Thanks to all of you who joined. Hope to see you again at the next one"


Traveling south from the N1 or N3

1. From the (N12) highway, coming from either the western bypass (N1) or eastern bypass (N3) get to the southern bypass (N12)

2. Take Kliprivier Drive off-ramp (R556) and travel south

3. At the third traffic light turn right into Impala Road

4. Travel 4 kms and turn right into Springbok Road

5. Turn first right, just before the Engine garage into Silver Lane

6. At the T-junction turn right into Peggy Vera Road

7. Pass the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre on your right and turn right into the new KNR entrance precinct immediately after the rec centre.

Traveling from the M1 South

1. Coming on the M1S, pass Gold Reef City, pass off-ramp to Nasrec, look out for the "Vereeniging - R82" sign making sure you don't end up on the N12 to Bloemfontein! (Tip: be in the right lane)

2. Continue on the R82, passing Columbine Avenue off-ramp (South Gate shopping centre on your right)

3. Travel 3 kms and turn left at the first traffic light into Pierpont Drive - there is a sign pointing to Kibler Park

4. Follow this road for about 1km to until you get to a fork (there is a small island)

5. Take the left fork (Pierpont Drive) and almost immediately a right fork

6. Continue on this road (Pierpont) to the t-junction on Peggy Vera Road and turn left

7. Pass the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre on your right and turn right into the new KNR entrance precinct immediately after the Rec. Centre


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Please be aware that Organisers and Events Hosts are not responsible for your safety nor the safety of your belongings.