• Thursday Night Board Games

    Funagain Games

    New and experienced gamers are all welcome. If you have a game you're wanting to teach and play, feel free to bring it. If you do not have any games, no problem, we have a large library and people always bring a lot of games to play. Come alone and join a group, or bring a friend and check out a new game! Questions? Please call the store at[masked] We look forward to gaming with you. Rick, Travis, and Erica

  • Friday Night Magic

    Funagain Games

    Join us every Friday at 5:00 pm for Friday Night Magic. We've got a wonderful group of inviting people that come in, and there are always plenty of people to compete against!

  • Board Game Day at the Ashland Library

    Ashland Library

    Join Funagain Games at the Ashland Library on the third Saturday of every month. Meet new friends and play new games! The library has a very large selection of games, and Funagain Games also provides different ones for each event. We will be there to demo games, and we're always excited to see new faces.

  • Magic: the Gathering, Special Event

    Funagain Games


    On Saturdays at Funagain we have a rotating slate of MtG events with a different format every week. Our most common events are Standard, Modern, and Commander tournaments. Check our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/funagainashland/ to find out what we're doing this week!

  • D&D Adventures

    Funagain Games

    A call for adventurers! Join us no matter your age, character, or skill level! Every Sunday there are adventures to be had. For more information, visit https://rvtabletop.wixsite.com/home

  • Magic: the Gathering, Draft Tournament

    Funagain Games


    Magic the Gathering Draft Tournaments are a fun way for new and veteran players alike to compete on an even playing field with only the cards they “draft” from three rounds of 15 card booster packs. We typically host Draft Tournaments for the most recent Magic: the Gathering set but occasionally we host special alternative draft events instead $15.00 Entry

  • Mini Painting Night

    Funagain Games

    Bring a mini to paint and join in the fun. Paints and brushes will be available for use, and Jonah will be here to help or offer guidance if wanted. This event is free, and a great opportunity to meet others with an interest in painting or RPGs.

  • Miniature Painting Night

    Funagain Games

    Bring a mini to paint or grab one from our wide selection at the store and join in on painting! Brushes and paints are provided. If you like your result enough, enter it in our monthly painted mini contest!

  • An Evening of Board Games

    Funagain Games

    We all need something to do on a Tuesday evening. What could be better than playing some board games with friends? (rhetorical question) Please join us at 149 E. Main St in Ashland at 5:00pm for an evening of open board games. This Meet up is for experienced gamers and new board gamers alike. Feel free to drop in and join a game or start up a game of your choosing. Funagain Games has a nice selection of food, snack, cold beverages, hot beverages and even beer, mead, and cider. Come on in and stay awhile. We look forward to playing some games with you.

  • D&D Night

    Funagain Games

    Every Wednesday night is D&D night at Funagain! All ages, characters, and skill levels welcome. Visit https://rvtabletop.wixsite.com/home for more information.