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A functional programming group for programmers. We will have workshops, speakers, and projects which further our experience and knowledge of functional programming.

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Themes and History of Functional Programming

Danbury Hackerspace

Meetup format: Presentation Speaker: Andrew Ribeiro Functional programming is a popular programming paradigm which has the distinction of having a lineage to early research in theoretical computer science. In this talk we will explore the origins of functional programming, what themes make functional programming powerful and attractive, explain how it differs from the imperative paradigm, and discuss various implementations which have taken different approaches to functional programming. Functional programming is a deep and profound view of computation which has proven to be highly rewarding to those patient and willing enough to spend some time studying it. It is also an exciting field with great activity and promise. I hope that this talk will inspire you to join us in learning more about functional programming by participating in this group. Agenda: 6:30 - Doors open 7:00 - Presentation: Themes and History of Functional Programming 8:10 - Wrap up and discussion 8:30 - Meeting end

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