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The 1st Functional Programming for the web Meetup

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Join us for the very first meetup of Functional Programming for the Web!

We'll be streaming the event live here -

6:30- Doors open for food and drinks

7:00- Intro 7:10- 2 or 3 speakers each with 20 minutes to talk followed by Q&A

8:30/ 9:00- Everyone is welcome to stay for some more drinks

The Functional Landscape
Joe Stanton, Red Badger

A practical introduction to functional programming

More to follow

The immutable truth
Viktor Charypar, Red Badger

Immutable data structures are an integral part of pure functional programming. Viktor will introduce the
concept of immutable data structures, the problem they solve to help you build your programs in a more pure functional style in widely used languages like JavaScript, and explain the typical implementation of a vector and a map using hash array mapped tries.

Tomas Petricek

F# is a cross-platform, open-source functional-first programming language. In this talk, Tomas will do a quick introduction to F# and show some of the interesting F# features. You'll see how to easily process JSON and XML data and how to publish your results as a web site using a lightweight web server called Suave.