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Functional Programming for the Web April 2016

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Join us for the Functional Programming for the Web Meetup!

6:30- Doors open for food and drinks

7:00- Intro 7:10- 2 or 3 speakers each with 20 minutes to talk followed by Q&A

8:30/ 9:00- Everyone is welcome to stay for some more drinks

Elm Native at Futurice
Ossi Hanhinen, Futurice, @ohanhi
Ever wanted to build mobile apps in Elm? We are making it possible. Harnessing the power of React Native, we are looking to bring the same great Elm developer experience we know and love from web frontend to mobile apps. This talk is about where we currently are with the Elm Native UI project, and where it is heading.

Introduction to PureScript
Luis Ángel Vicente Sánchez, William Hill, @lvicentesanchez
PureScript is a small strongly typed programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It's expressive type system and lightweight syntax allows to write very expressive code which is still clear and readable. The simple FFI that PureScript provides allows to easily interop with existing Javascript code, by providing types for its values and functions, that can be then used in regular PureScript code. In this talk we will first learn how to set up the development environment and then we will dive into an ocean of functions, records, pattern matching and extensible effects.

We will record and live stream the event