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Learn how to take advantage of F# and .NET platform to develop a real world functional programs If you are beginner or an expert in FP it doesn't matter. You are welcome!

As an affiliated user group of fsharp.org (http://community.fsharp.org/), the F# Software Foundation, we strive to build a great community of passionate people who care deeply about F#, and want to make our community a safe and welcoming place for everyone. We expect everyone attending our events to be respectful, open, and considerate, and to follow the F# Software Foundation Code of Conduct (http://foundation.fsharp.org/code_of_conduct). If someone's behavior makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, please report the issue by emailing conduct@fsharp.org.

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ZeroMQ et F# Hands-on


Clément Boudereau (@cboudereau) nous présentera le sujet atour du ZeroMQ. Zmq est un MOM avec 0 infrastructure. Cette légèreté permet des performance très élevé mais nécessite de choisir des pattern zmq pour répondre au besoin. Voyons ensemble et essayons les via un hands on zmq!

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