The Pit of Success or The Cloud ?

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Big Thanks to the speaker Isaac. He offered us a choice of the topic. Please make your choice here :

• The Pit of Success – F#

Want to know why buzzwords like "immutability" and "statelessness" are becoming more and more important for programming? This session will explain what F# is (and is not!), why F# is a viable companion to C# and VB for writing code that can have far lower bug rates, is simpler to write and understand, and in what real-world scenarios F# should be considered for being used. In this fast paced tour around the F# language, environment and ecosystem, you'll see how to how you can more quickly and effectively perform the same work that you do today in C# or VB using F# in areas such as domain modelling, web development, unit & integration testing as well as working with data. We’ll discuss typical real-world scenarios that you might be dealing with today in your current development processes and how F# can help with them, with personal case studies illustrated where appropriate.

• F# for the Cloud

F# is a language and platform that has excellent data transformation capabilities as well as the ability to design systems that are easy to reason about. This talk will give an overview of how we can apply such learnings to the cloud by harnessing cloud services to rapidly design and deploy distributed systems that can be easily scaled. We will cover different distributable frameworks on F#, as well as an overview of the Azure cloud platform and how we can use services offered on it seamlessly with F# to allow computations and data manipulation, and to switch from an on-premise to cloud without any coding.

About the speaker:

Isaac is CTO of Elastacloud and is an experienced developer and architect, having been using the .NET platform since its initial release. He has a background spanning development, consultancy and architecture for both public and private sector clients in a variety of industries.

He has a particular interest in functional programming and usage of F# on the .NET platform; a regular speaker and contributor to the F# community, he has been an Microsoft F# MVP since 2014.