Talks and Drinks at Lunatech

Functional Rotterdam
Functional Rotterdam
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Hofplein 20 · Rotterdam

How to find us

Starting 18:00 you have to go to the back door entrance of the building (close to the shell station). If you find a closed door pls call 010-7502600 or 06-51994141 and someone will come to open the door. We are located on the 22nd floor.

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After having hosted the previous meetup in their old office on Baan, Lunatech will now be hosting the next meetup in their new office near Hofplein.


18:00 Food and Drinks
19:00 The design of http4s — Mark de Jong
20:00 A ray tracer with ZIO Modules — Pierangelo Cecchetto
21:00 Drinks and Networking

More about the talks and the speakers:

The design of http4s — Mark de Jong

We'll go deep dive into the internals of http4s, a HTTP library which gets more popularity in the Scala community. We'll see how routing is done, how type classes are being used (from cats, cats-effect and introduced by http4s) and how requests and responses are handled by using fs2 (streaming library).

Mark de Jong is a Freelance Software Consultant. Well versed in Functional Programming, Scala and interests in other topics such as Kubernetes, React and UX/UI.

A ray tracer with ZIO Modules — Pierangelo Cecchetto

We will discover the foundations of ZIO modules and we'll apply them to
build a visual application: a ray tracer.
ZLayer, introduced for the upcoming RC18, gives us dependency injection
without magic, retaining type safety and resource safety.

Pierangelo Cecchetto is an independent Scala consultant based in Amsterdam, loves functional programming and OSS.