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Complimentary Lunch 6th April, Lyon Hall, Arlington (Limited spots available)

Networking and Business Discussion

Who Helps You Solve Your Complex Business Problems??

Your leadership team? Your strategic human resources, your project professionals? Have you ever considered your project professionals are key to helping you solve complex business problems? If you have you’re in the minority. Most organizations undervalue the capabilities of this group of their workforce. For too long Project Professionals have been pigeonholed in as ‘command and control’ but that is changing with the advent of the concept of the ‘servant leader.

Please join us for the much-needed conversation about how to future-proof our profession to ensure it remains relevant and continues to help organizations face and solve complex dilemmas.

We are posing the question…………

Is the traditional role of the Project Manager is becoming obsolete?


We want your input and thoughts. To help us we have invited a panel of Project Specialists to share their thoughts on this question.

Join other like-minded professionals who enjoy the complexities and challenges of the modern business world.

Panel Members

Dr. Al Zeituon: Global Business Strategist, Educator, Consultant, Futurist, and Speaker | PMI Global Board Director

Sarina Arcari: PMP Vice President - Enterprise Program Management Office at Amtrak

Natalya H. Bah: PMP, CEO Natalya H. Bah Consulting

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