The Power of Fasting on our Health

Future of Nutrition Meetup
Future of Nutrition Meetup
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INTERMITTENT FASTING, known as the IF diet, the 16:8 diet or the 5:2 diet, involves alternating intervals of eating and fasting. It has become popular due to its positive effects on our body.

Researchers have shown that INTERMITTENT FASTING has a positive impact on weight loss, type-2-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and metabolic disease. The choices we make in terms of nutrition are profoundly impactful on our health, more than most of us realize. When we fast, exciting things happen in our bodies - on the cellular and molecular level: For example our body’s cells change the expression of certain genes and initiate important cellular repair processes.

Learn about INTERMITTENT FASTING from experts during our upcoming Meetup held in Hamburg - informal yet informational.

The meetup is organized by NUTRITION HUB ( - the largest network of Nutrition Experts driven to make the world healthier and more sustainable.