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Here, we explore Future Technology - Predictions, Scenarios, Trends, and more. How will technological advancements look different in 10 years vs. even 50+ years from now? How will the human condition be affected? How will business be disrupted? Promotion of relevant talks, workshops, hackathons, movie screenings, company visits, parties, group trips, and other types of events are welcome to be shared with our Future Technology Meetup members on this platform.

Historically, this meetup group hosted and promoted events and opportunities in both California (Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area) and NYC.  We are now expanding to Los Angeles, and covering virtual events globally.

This Meetup has a flat organizational structure; all members are encouraged to host and/or promote events for the Future Technology community, however you must connect with the Organizer and get permission to post about your event, otherwise it may be removed.

Collaborations and co-promotions can be facilitated by the Organizer. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or ideas.  We're here to help and are excited to build on relevant exploratory goals with you! 

Liability Waiver can be found at the bottom of the page.

Listed below*** are some technologies and scenarios predicted by science fiction writers, futurists, technology experts, myself and members of the group. Our hope is to effectively provoke more dialogue and innovation and encourage new considerations of what is possible.

Intelligent machines, ethics, gaming, computer vision and image recognition, big data, future of advertising, drug development/discovery, etc.
Synthetic biology, organ preservation, genetic therapies, personalized drugs, at home diagnostics, healthcare system disruption, medical record privacy and access, lab grown organs, cloning, nanotechnology, contact lenses with zoom and record features,
Bionic implants to allow for extreme strength Morphing of the human body Age reversal Creation of organisms Synthetic organs Enhanced senses Alteration of our bodies in superhuman ways Bionic limbs Never have to sleep or eat Use genes of other animals to implant in humans Artificial immune system Computer generated life - design a tree, generate a seed Creation of new animal and plant species by genetic manipulation Human/animal waste elimination Gene manipulation to change eye and hair color at the salon Cloning of extinct species A capsule that can be swallowed which will cure most diseases Instant hair color changer Cloning machines Genetically altered humans that can photosynthesize A new sense discovered, example eyes see a new type of wave, ears hear a type of wave.....another useful sense for humans Food as designer medicine 
Download your memories/brain Complete digital record of your life Mind/emotion control devices Dream control devices Brain enhancement implants - memory, telepathy Transfer of information into the visual cortex or subconscious mind Artificial telekenesis - an implant to alter physical things with your mind. Brain Transplants Tapping into unused parts of the brain Download training experience, e.g., someone could be able to fly a jet or guide a submarine Memory/personality manipulation Increasingly bulging and Grays-shaped heads 
Replication and/or transformation of one chemical element to another Super lubricant Artificial spider silk Matter Reformation. (trash into food or plastic) Catoms, or claytronic atoms. Programmable matter 
Megacities/entire world is one city Moving/floating/underwater cities Underground cities Cities/houses could be one huge organism which can repair itself Self-constructing buildings Anti-seismic buildings Vertical (skyscraper) farms Interactive Tourism 
Instant information Virtual presence Wireless everything One small mobile device does everything Virtual reality Internet-connection implant All media (movies, tv shows, etc.) on-demand Holographic messages Language translator implants Telepathy Phone implant Cyberspace telekinesis 
Computers equivalent to the human brain Nanoscale computers everywhere Optical computers DNA computers Quantum computers Global network Computers that animals can use Self editing software Faster than Light or Instant Data transfer Laptops built in desks Computers that never crash, are impervious to all viruses, never a need to reboot Mind-reading Computers (Computers able to Communicate w/Humans via Thoughts) Holographic touch screen computers A computer that can turn into the size of a small sticky note 
Weather control Abundant food and water supply from technology Eco-manipulation (deserts into forests) Man-made precious materials like gold Mining of Earth's mantle Recycling everything Water shortages Technology is developed to help nature Ability to instantly purify water so all water is drinkable Efficient carbon dioxide into oxygen Replicate (man-made) planet Earth Global Warming Stabilizer Pollution clean up machines Artificial oxygen and ozone layer Water shortages 
Printable/paintable/flexible/see-through electronics, screens, touch panels, solar panels Invisible video/sensor surveillance Holograms Holographic tv on your wrist Voice/brain command over computers and appliances Contact lens displays/computers Glasses that can see different wavelengths Devices controlled by eyes (wheelchairs, computers, etc) Nuclear/Fusion powered devices Holodecks Intelligent jewelry, e.g., wristwatches that monitor blood pressure and pulse, necklace that measures brain activity. Energy force fields Room temperature superconductors Scanners to ring up everything in a basket at once Three dimensional television without need for cumbersome glasses Wireless internet access points will be embedded in everyday objects (Iot) Small remote projects a virtual touch screen Holographic mobile phone Powered suits that multiply human capabilities (Ironman type) Voice texting Ultra High Definition TV 3D Printing RFID/GPS Can Track Anything 
Eco-friendly fuel Unlimited renewable energy Wireless energy Alternative nuclear energy Eco-friendly electricity Generating electricity from biomass Free energy Hyperexcited plasma. This type of plasma could be used to phase through solid objects It may also be used to provide the ability of flight. Solar mutualism. Directly taking plasma from the sun and using it to power devices Using liquid metallic hydrogen, and eventually liquid metal anything, for experiments in energy Resonance power 
Ice cream/chocolate that does not melt Genetically modified beans could propel all of our power stations and cars and also heat our homes cheaply Algea superfood that is easy to produce and is omnipotently healthy. Humans can survive on this and nothing else for extended periods of time 
Printable/self constructing homes and buildings Eternal beer fountain (Uncle Walt's prediction) Smart homes Self washing, drying, and folding clothes intelligent/adaptable fabrics and clothing Personalized ergonomics Ultrasonic showers Replicators Hanging house Pets that live forever All surfaces are disinfecting and cleansing Walls, ceilings, (all other room surfaces) are digital screens. Can turn room into any environment with sounds and smells Soundproof rooms. Soundproof energy fields that you can walk through Self-cleaning tabletop and dishes Design your clothes in your computer the morning before wearing it Device that cleans your mouth from sugar/cavities/smoking in seconds Walls that talk Clothes can change design to suit mood or occasion 
Manipulate matter at the atomic scale Custom molecules Intelligent/adaptable materials Self replicating machines Nanoswarms/grey goo Desktop nano-factories build anything Frictionless surfaces 
Artificial black holes Artificial worm holes Traveling faster than light Invisibility cloaks Zero-point energy Ability to alter space and time Time machine Portals to other universes/dimensions Super strength magnets Ultraterrestialism. The ability to exist in multiple universes/dimensions at one time 
Personal/caregiving/cleaning robots Nanobots Robots perform majority of labor jobs Robot partners (wife/husband) Exoskeletons Sentient robots Robotic prosthetics Robots controlled remotely with mind link Security robots Robots with a genetic code Robotic cashiers/tellers Robot musicians Robot pets Robot spies Robotic flying insects Rescue robots Robot haircuts 
Digital money, biometric identification, cashless societies, global citizenship, decentralization, IOT in home, etc.
Space elevator Alien contact Colonizing space Planetary/terra formation (creating planets) Orbital stations Solar sails Mining of the moon/planets/asteroids Starships Life on Mars Control the rotation of the planets Travel to other galaxies Black hole generator Space tourism Alien invasion Interplanetary trade Duplicate planet Earth Creating man-made suns Rail-gun Shipless Space Travel Human alienism, or advanced humans visiting a primitive alien planet Galactic alliances Using genetic manipulation to enable humans to live on alien planets Universe creation/destruction Orbital Colonization 
Self-driving cars on smart-highways Flying cars Anti-gravity devices Teleportation Time machine Inertia dampeners, anti acceleration or anti breaking devices Ion or electromagnetic propulsion Flying boots Boots with turbo and wheels Underground highways Unmanned cargo ships Transforming transportation, cars that fly, planes that swim, boats that go on land Warp speed (traveling faster than light) Use clothes to fly. Clothes fly to laundry. Vehicles respond to environment (car lights automatically dim when another car's lights approach) Plasma Engines Satellite controlled cars Electric cars that do not need recharging Solar powered cars Transporter Submarines will be equipped with air recycling technology that will allow them to stay underwater for longer periods of time Vehicles move along an internet signal

Liability Waiver: This is NOT a Professional Organization and we are not professional organizers. You agree to participate in these events completely at your own risk and to take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being, including those of your guests. You agree not to hold the Meetup Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Hosts or any other members responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at a planned event. Your attendance at the event signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver.

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