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We offer training to make you more independent and self resilient so that you can operate safely in all of our mountain and sea cliff environments so you will no longer have a need for guides or paid help.

G2Adventure is of interest to people wish to develop their skills in any aspect of summer mountaineering, rock climbing and scrambling, or simply love outdoor adventure.

The G2Adventure Meetup group is a platform for sharing with you the courses we run in and around the Birmingham region and further afield in the UK's mountain and coastal environments.

Our key goal is provide exciting training courses or guided adventures open to all abilities, which improve your personal skills in these environments.

We run a variety of indoor and outdoor courses including the following:

Indoor learn to lead climb - learn the skills necessary to be a safe and effective belayer for a lead climber and also learn the techniques required as a lead climber.

Indoor improvised rescue for climbers - this is aimed at climbers who are already climbing outdoors and covers a range of possible scenarios for should something go wrong in a multi-pitch environment.

Introduction to outdoor sports climbing - this popular course ran in Portland, the Peak District or Llandudno applies the learning from the indoor learn to lead course in an outdoor setting, it also includes the use of stick clips and rope management.

Learn to lead traditional climbing (single and multi-pitch) - in Britain we have a rich history of traditional climbing which allows you to access our beautiful mountain ranges and sea cliffs, and this is where you could be climbing. The course will look at how to place active and passive pieces of climbing protection, how to build belays and how to manage two ropes.

Rock scrambling at all ability levels - this is a fantastic activity for the walker who has done as much as they can and know want to learn how to use a rope to protect two friends, when the ground becomes a little steeper. One of the best mountain activities you can do.

Mountain navigation - this is open to all level from beginner to aspirant mountain leader. A big focus of this course will be how to use a traditional map and a compass to navigate yourself safely in mountain environment, the course may also include how we might use a rope to give an un-confident partner a little support and also covers the use of modern technology in the mountains.

Each Meetup activity is strictly limited in terms of number due to the risks associated with operating in the environments we do. Our courses are all ran by Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Instructors (MCI) formerly known as a Mountaineering Instructor Award:


As an MCI I belong to a professional body which called the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) which govern standards and ensure ongoing professional CPD, you can also find me through their list of approved instructors.

All of our activities provide full public liability insurance. In addition equipment can be provided. All prices for our courses cover the cost of instruction only and not accommodation, transport or food.

For further information about our courses you can visit us at:

Or, find us on Facebook at G2Adventure

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Commando Ridge Scramble

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