The Visionary Month!

Hosted by General Assembly Twin Cities

Public group


“You can't be what you can't see.”

As a continuation from last month's Ideal Day exercise, we'll now literally visualize our ideal lives by creating a vision board. If you hate collage or glue, there will be a modified option so you can still participate. :)

First we'll imagine what we'd like to see by this time next year. Through collage, drawing (if desired), and dreaming, we'll create our futures. Then we'll take it one step further and check for any inner or outer roadblocks we foresee that could stop us, because we all know that you can't just make a vision board and watch the success roll in.

We'll continue this theme next month to make sure we have a viable plan of action to make 2018 our best year yet.

Bring: If you got 'em, bring printed pictures of yourself to literally see yourself being, doing, and having the things you want in the coming year.

All supplies provided! The Common Roots back room has lots of table space to spread out and get creative. Let's have some fun!