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GAME is a group for people who love board games of all kinds, as well as the sci-fi/fantasy/comic book culture!

- Strategy games
- Card games
- Roleplaying games
- Social deduction games
- Party games
- Plus other related activities like movies and social events

Find us online at:
- www.gameandtable.com
- facebook.com/gameunplugged

Our mission is to bring people of all backgrounds together over a mutual love of games.

We try to be a home for gamers in their 20's & 30's to meet like-minded individuals, but all ages ABSOLUTELY welcome! With technology in all areas of our lives, it can be refreshing to unplug with great friends over some awesome board games.

We'd love to see you at an upcoming MeetUp!

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Please note our RSVP POLICY + GROUP ETIQUETTE guidelines on our message board. Thanks!

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Member’s House


Ready for an AWESOME event? 🎃 The best time of the year is here! Join us on October 24th for our Fourth Annual Murder Mystery & Bonfire! 🔥 The Murder Mystery is one of the best events of the year. You will take on the identity of a specific character, and then talk to/strategize with other players to try and solve the mystery before the bad team wins. . . Or you might be on the bad team and want to carry out your nefarious plot. . . Last year the murderers won! Can the good team prevail this year?!? This event will be both a Murder Mystery and bonfire. Enjoy the perfect Autumn weather while huddling around a crispy fire in the woods. The theme of the event is “cabin in the woods/pirates,” and the venue very much matches the theme! We’ll be playing by a cabin in the woods. :) Costumes are definitely welcome, and last year most everyone wore some kind of costume. Think of the time of early ocean exploration when pirates roamed the seas to inspire you. . . We can’t say much more than that without giving away the plot! :) Rules of the event will be posted here on MeetUp as we get closer to the event. Please promptly arrive by 4:45-5:00PM as timing is extremely important for this event, which happens in rounds. As players are eliminated, they can gather by the fire and play other games. We’ll bring a bunch of options. Event is $5 or $11 if you want pizza and s’mores. We will give out character envelopes and rules as people arrive and check in. ✅ Look for the mailbox with the Halloween balloon. Drive all the way down the driveway and park anywhere on the grass. The check in table is near the end of the driveway to the left. :) Event is BYOB if desired. Come with an Uber or DD, or bring a tent and stay the night. 🏕 Please also bring a blanket to sit on outside. We have some seating, but not enough for a big crowd! See you then!!!

Halloween GAME Night! 🎃

Limerick Diner


Join us on Halloween Night for an awesome event! 🎃 We will be gathering from 5:00-10:00pm at The Limerick Diner to celebrate Halloween. Costumes are definitely welcome, and the best dressed attendee will win a copy of “Marvel Fluxx”! (Everyone will vote around 8:00pm.) This will be a spooky good night! Bring any of your favorite games, and we’ll bring a bunch of great options, as well. Since this is Halloween, feel free to bring any games that fit the theme. :) Event is $2 to support GAME. We’ll have a collection basket at the event. Any support of the diner through food and drinks is also appreciated. They’ve loved having us during this tough time, and it means a lot. The diner does have alcoholic drinks. Please just come with a DD or Uber if you plan to drink. The waffles are also amazing. . . We will have our own private room. Masks are not required in our private room, but are required all other places in the restaurant. Get creative and incorporate a mask into your costume? :) See everyone then!

MEGA D&D 2 | The Battle Begins. . .

Rock Candy


It’s official. MEGA D&D is back and even bigger & better than before! Join us for an epic day of gaming as we play D&D in large scale fashion. Multiple tables will all play together at the same time, and all be a part of the same story. With our first MEGA D&D event in October, we had six tables all playing at once, and this time we'll be able to hold at least seven or more. . . It'll be awesome. Players check in at 12:00pm. Play then begins from 1:00pm and lasts until 5:00pm. There will be a dinner break from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, and then the second part of the event will take place from 6:00pm to 11:00pm as all the tables combine for an epic conclusion. We can't give too many spoilers, but expect a *legendary* battle you'll never forget. :) For this event, you may use your character from the first MEGA D&D if you attended that event (level up to level 12), or you may make a level 12 character from scratch if you were not at that event. Use the D&D 5e point buy system for character creation. All printed 5e Wizards Of the Coast books are legal. (This includes the Eberron book.) You do not have to have played D&D in the past to attend. New D&D players are absolutely welcome, and we had a bunch of new players last time, as well. We'll have pre-made characters available the day of the event, and will work to pair new players with more experienced players so you can learn to play. More than anything, you just need dice and an imagination. And we’ll even supply the dice. :) The event is $5 or $12 if you want pizza and a drink. Pizza will arrive at 5:00pm. We’ll also have snacks and drinks for sale, and there is a microbrewery next to the space, as well. (Please drink responsibly.) Park in the large parking lot. Then enter by Fetish Brewing Company. We recommend car pooling for those not in the Lancaster area. More details on character creation to be posted shortly. Any questions? Feel free to ask away! This should be an amazing event. See you then!!!! :)

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Autumn GAME Night #76! 🍂

Member’s House


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