What we're about

GAME is a group for people who love board games of all kinds, as well as the sci-fi/fantasy/comic book culture!

- Strategy games
- Card games
- Roleplaying games
- Social deduction games
- Party games
- Plus other related activities like movies and social events

Our mission is to bring people of all backgrounds together over a mutual love of games.

We try to be a home for gamers in their 20's & 30's to meet like-minded individuals, but all ages ABSOLUTELY welcome! With technology in all areas of our lives, it can be refreshing to unplug with great friends over some awesome board games.

We'd love to see you at an upcoming MeetUp!

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Please note our RSVP POLICY + GROUP ETIQUETTE guidelines on our message board. Thanks!

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Iron Valley Tubing

Winter is almost over. . . but that doesn't mean we can't grasp it while it's here! :) On February 17th we'll be embarking on a snow tubing adventure! Meet at the main entrance at 1:00PM. We will then enjoy four hours of fun -- with dinner afterwards (if time permits). There are coupons and GroupOns for this venue. We'll post links to them in the group discussion below. If you'd like to car pool, please feel free to contact other members to arrange car pooling. We will, however, not be coordinating car pooling as it hasn't worked so well in the past. :) Meet at the main entrance at 1:00. (We won't be checking the event page after 1:00PM, so please be punctual.) See you then!

ROOT | Mystic Vale | More! :)

Needs a location

Our tradition of playing heavier games before GAME Night continues! :) On Feb. 23rd, we will be gathering before GAME Night #40 to play ROOT and Mystic Value, as well as some other midweight games. ROOT is a game where you take on the role of woodland creatures vying for control of the forest. And Mystic Vale is a deck-builder game where you're creating unique cards by sliding semi-translucent cards into sleeves. . . to create the cards of your deck. We will have the expansions for Mystic Value, and *might* have the first expansion for ROOT. (If we do, we can do six for ROOT. If not, the first four to RSVP can play the base game.) As always, we're happy to teach games, and new members *always* welcome! We'll also be bringing a few other, heavier games to have multiple games going at once. We'll break for dinner at 5:00PM, then meet back up at 7:00 for GAME Night #40! :) Location TBD shortly.


Royersford Church of the Nazarene


The BIG 4-0! Join us on February 23rd for our ~40TH~ GAME Night! We'll be bringing a bunch of great options from the latest & greatest social deduction games to heavier, midweight games and everything in between. Feel free to bring any of your favorite games, as well! :) GAME Night will start at 7:00PM for this week (due to a different event before us), but we will go out to the Limerick Diner after games for anyone who is interested. A spacious parking lot is located at the church. The parking lot entrance is located off Washington Street. Enter the building from the parking lot, and follow the signs upstairs to the gymnasium. Wheelchair access is on Washington Street. Earlier in the day, we'll be doing a deeper game at another venue (to be posted shortly), so feel free to join us to make a whole day of gaming! We have snacks and drinks available for $1. Event is $2. There are also a bunch of food options nearby. We may also soon be starting a program where members can borrow board games between events! Details coming shortly. . . :) Look forward to seeing you then! New members *always* welcome. We're happy to teach games, and are a very friendly bunch!

D&D | Part VI: The Forgotten Lighthouse

Coventry Mall

The group has returned to the main land, and seeks a bit of rest before embarking on a new journey. In a lawless land exists a lawless town: "The Forgotten Lighthouse" And in that lawless town: A boisterous tavern We begin next session with a tradition/trope/cliche (all of the above?) of D&D that only took six sessions to reach! The adventure continues! :)

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