What we're about

GAME is a group for people who love board games of all kinds, as well as the sci-fi/fantasy/comic book culture!

- Strategy games
- Card games
- Roleplaying games
- Social deduction games
- Party games
- Plus other related activities like movies and social events

Our mission is to bring people of all backgrounds together over a mutual love of games.

We try to be a home for gamers in their 20's & 30's to meet like-minded individuals, but all ages ABSOLUTELY welcome! With technology in all areas of our lives, it can be refreshing to unplug with great friends over some awesome board games.

We'd love to see you at an upcoming MeetUp!

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Please note our RSVP POLICY + GROUP ETIQUETTE guidelines on our message board. Thanks!

Upcoming events (3)

GAME Night #57!

Member’s House


Come join us for our first GAME Night of September! We’ll be gathering in Collegeville for six hours of fun, including board games and Jackbox video games. We bring a variety of board games, and there are usually at least 50+ games to choose from. We have all the longtime favorites, as well as many new, popular releases. The group is super-friendly and welcoming, so new members are always welcome! We’re a great way to meet like-minded, fun people locally. :) This is a “bring your own food” event. Lots of tasty options are nearby! GAME Night is $1, and we’ll have a collection basket at the event. 🧺 See you then!


Royersford Church of the Nazarene


We are super-excited to announce a very special event. . . . . . a one-shot D&D Mega-Adventure that involves multiple tables playing at the same time. . . . . . and all a part of the same story! INTRODUCING: ‘INTO THE LABYRINTH’ The greatest heroes of all the realms have found themselves magically transported to a vast & mysterious maze. There, they have learned that they are a part of a contest that will challenge even the most legendary of adventurers. The cost of failure? Death. The prize of success by exiting the labyrinth? Treasure beyond imagining and. . . immortality. HOW IT WILL WORK: - Players arrive by 12:00PM. - Players check in and are assigned to one of the multiple tables at the event. - Play starts at 1:00PM with at least five different tables — with five different DM’s — guiding an awesome adventure! Each table is a part of the greater puzzle, but each table plays separately from the other tables. . . - Dinner break starts at 5:00PM. - Play resumes at 6:00PM as the really cool part happens: ALL the tables COMBINE into one giant table for an epic evening. . . - Play concludes by 11:00PM. * * * This should be a super-fun event two days before the Autumn season begins, and an adventure never to forget! :) You do NOT have to have played D&D before. New players are strongly encouraged to join. All you need is dice and an imagination. (We’ll even provide the dice!) Characters will be at least 10th level (details coming in August), and will be created using the D&D point-buy system. We will share details on what level, the point-buy system, and other details on character creation a month before the event. We will also provide some pre-made characters if you’d prefer to have a character already made for you. * * * At the event, park in the parking lot off Walnut Street, then follow the A-frame sign in the parking lot inside to the gym. Wheelchair access is on Washington Street. The event cost is $5, and we will collect $ when you check in and get your name tag. Snacks & drinks will be avaialable for $1. There are also many great food options nearby, as well. * * * This should be an AWESOME event and a great start to the Fall season! Any questions? Ask away!

Corn Maze Adventure! 🌽

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

We’re super excited for this event! We will be headed to Cherry Crest Farm to enjoy an AWESOME day in the Autumn weather as we work to conquer the corn maze and other activities at the farm. This event will be an event that brings our Lancaster and Philly area groups together as our group car pools out to this event! :) Meet at 4:00pm at the main entrance. We will then enjoy the various activities including the corn maze, slides, pumpkin shooter, seeing the farm animals, going on the hay rides, etc. Last year when we went, a *LOT* of cool activities were included with the general admission ticket. We were super impressed with how much there was to do that was included with the price. We will also bring some light board games, and can put out some blankets to enjoy games as there is ample outdoor room at the farm. And for those who are interested: The flashlight portion of the corn maze starts at dark. 🔦 (If you’d like to car pool with other members, feel free to contact others who are going to the event.) See you then!

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GAME Night #56! (Our Two-Year GAMErversary)

Coventry Mall


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