D&D Part X: The Roc's Nest!

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Having missed the boat (literally), the group was sent by Lord Graven north to a frigid fjord known as The Roc's Nest.

The group was tasked with finding out why all the miners were dead at Lord Graven's gold mine. . . and they quickly uncovered the grim truth:

- A monster unlike any they had ever seen, had slaughtered the miners.

Able to mimic anyone -- and take his/her abilities -- the monster seemed invulnerable until the group discovered its mysterious weakness.

Breaking the "mirror" rocks in its lair was the only way to harm it. . .

It was a hard fought battle with multiple members of the group being knocked unconscious, but victory was achieved!

Now bruised, tired, and with few remaining spells, the group looks to uncover the secrets of the lair before heading back to the Infinite Islands.