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January demo: Personalized name tags utilizing image transfer and silk screen techniques that can be used for any future project. The idea is to create your own name tag to be worn at future Guild meetings so we can identify one another easily and help new comers as well.

You MUST RSVP your attendance plans in advance in order to be included in those names that Connie will bring prepared for image transfers use.

If you wish to do your own images for the image transfer project you can use any image that has been sized to what you want to use (picture, drawing, or wording) and have it printed on copy paper on a laser printer (colored, or black & white images are okay). Note: lettering must be reversed, otherwise the letters will be backwards on your finished project as the image gets reversed when you flip it over to apply it to the clay.

Connie will also help supply pin backs for those needing one.

We will have a few silk screens for use during the demo.

Other supplies to bring:

Clay: (Premo, Kato, or Pardo). Do not use Sculpey III as this does not work well with the transfer technique. Lighter colors tend to work best- such as white, pearl, beige- for colored images. On black and white images or when just using writing you can use a little more colorful clays such as the gold clay I will show in sample.

Paint: Acrylic, heavy medium type that comes in tubes. Not the liquid type in bottles. This will be used for silk screening. Connie will have some, but if you have some of your own please bring them.

Water misting bottle, plastic sandwich bag, Plastic bowl/tupperware for cleaning silk screen in, Paper towels.

Cane slices or other decorative items you would like to incorporate in to the design. Remember you'll need to make these fairly small to go around the name lettering so you can still easily read the name printed.

Liquid Polymer Clay or Glue (such as E-6000 or Locktite) for the pin back attachment purposes.

Sealant of choice: Future floor wax, PYM, liquid Kato. The image transfer needs to be sealed.

General supplies: bring pasta machine to condition your clay and roll sheets in uniform thicknesses, tissue blades, cutters, and tools. Your work to show off.

We meet from 2:00 to 5:00. The room must be clean and put back together before we leave. We must be out at 5:00.


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