What we're about

A "code and coffee" tech Meetup in the making near the Latrobe and Greensburg area.


Starbucks (Latrobe or Greensburg Eastgate),

Aroma Joe's,

White Rabbit

*open to suggestions


To network

To gather and talk about topics related to Technology, software goals, past or current projects anyone is working on, sharing resources and advice. I want this to be a laid back and supportive group.

For Who

• Tech Professionals of all sorts.

• Programming and tech hobbyists of all levels.

• Anyone Interested in learning and to share experiences.

• Noobs and beginners welcome.

About Me

I am a self taught and recent graduate with a specialty is in Cybersecurity and Full Stack Web Development. I know a handful of languages and am always interested in learning from others and improving upon what I know. I am always open to criticism and suggestions about anything that can be used to help me out and improve the club experience. I am willing to teach and help out if anyone is interested in my field as best I can.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me and I will get back to you ASAP. -Chris J.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events