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Bonfires dot the river in downtown Providence. Paired with a local arts and music festival! Thanks to Christine for suggesting it.

Waterfire is a unique event that is hosted Saturdays in Providence, RI during the summer months. Please visit their event link for more information:

http://waterfire.org/ Photographing fire and the gondolas around it is very challenging, as you have sharp highlights (the fires), which you don't want to clip, movement (of the flames and gondolas/people) and darkness. However, this time, the moon will assist open up shadows with a half moon setting at midnight. What makes it extra challenging is that this is a very popular and very crowded event, getting a good spot for your tripod without people bumping into you can be difficult for the first hour. Count on searching for parking unless you arrive really early. I had good luck parking towards the end of the walk.

Moon will be a half that sets at midnight, the sun sets at 6:07 p.m., the event officially starts with the lighting of the fires at sunset and goes well into the evening (11-ish).

The event is all along the river, here is a link to an approximate walking route (https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=41.826431,-71.413745+to:41.826537,-71.413807+to:Unknown+road+to:Unknown+road+to:Unknown+road+to:41.826811,-71.410071+to:Providence+River+Greenway+to:S+Water+St+to:Point+St&hl=en&ll=41.824749,-71.410435&spn=0.00658,0.009978&sll=41.819184,-71.403762&sspn=0.00658,0.009978&geocode=FZY3fgIdqVC--w%3BFX84fgIdD1C--ylx-RTVEEXkiTHxUI27SqQvUA%3BFek4fgId0U---w%3BFWY6fgIdZE2--w%3BFbo7fgIduk2--w%3BFXE6fgIdN1G--w%3BFfs5fgIdaV6--w%3BFbcwfgIdx2e--w%3BFZIgfgId3nS--w%3BFQkYfgIdu3i--w&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=mi&mrsp=9&sz=17&via=1&z=17) (when on mobile, open this link in your browser, not maps!).

We will meet at point marked "A" in that map, see also image below. That is a small circle in front of "The Capital Grille" restaurant. The way from point A to B is an underpass under the street and not as shown in the map. Please be on time, because I suspect that we will disperse rather quickly once we get going.

Once you are at the end of the shown walking route, you have a choice to continue to Point Street bridge, from where you can capture Providence skyline at night (where we started the Providence Reflections meetups).

Suggested equipment: camera, tripod, intervalometer, hiking boots. Lenses: anything goes from fisheye to long zoom, fast glass / wide apertures recommended. You will probably find yourself shooting at high ISO a lot.

As always, this outdoor event is subject to weather cancellation, although Waterfire is likely to happen when it drizzles.

Our meetup point is "A", a small circle at the underpass across from the "Capital Grille" restaurant. The large building on the left is Providence Place, the mall. The state house is just off the top in the last picture.