Location visible to members


Thanks to Rupesh for suggesting this location. This is a great opportunity for light painting, both local / close-up as well as the more landscape type. Bring bright flashlights.

The Quincy Quarries is an abandoned stone quarry with ample graffiti around, quite a few really cool sheer rock walls, several walls of stacked stones and a couple of small ponds for reflections. If we have clear skies, star trails are begging to be taken. This is a 90% moon night, but the moon won't come up until 8 and won't add much light until 9, hence, the later meetup time (which also helps to get out of work). Below are some impressions from me scouting this out. These are rather crude images, we can do much more intricate work here.

For safety reasons and also because of the limited space, we need to work in pairs of two or three. I also limited the meetup to 12 total and as with all limited events, this is for paid members only. The Quincy lights do provide some light background if it is cloudy, it will be substantially darker than the below in clear skies, though.

Suggested equipment: tripod, timer release, wide angle to medium zoom lenses, strong flashlights (wimpy ones won't do), hiking boots (uneven terrain) and a very dim flashlight to find your way around and for camera settings (no head lamps, please). Familiarize yourself with your live preview and zooming in at high ISO while on live preview, as that is the only way to focus, there are no artificial lights around and your flashlight won't illuminate it enough from far away.

The main practice here will be light painting the rock surfaces from 90 degrees relative to camera to bring out the textures, while covering up the light and creating even illumination. However, as you can see, we can do a lot with shadows and other effects. The idea is that one person would trigger the cameras, perhaps help paint the foreground, the other paints the rocks, then you swap and improve on it.

Because you will be roaming around and climbing over rocks, you won't get too cold. I actually took my coat off for the last images below at 30° F.

Oh, by the way, I have an illuminated frisbee! :-)