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Editing night photos with Lightroom

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This event is for paid members only, but the value of this workshop alone is well worth the group's annual membership fee! Note that you need to submit photos for participation!

Short notice, but I just got an opening at the Public Library in Hopedale. Parking is on the street.

We will be doing a workshop about editing night photos Jurgen-style in Lightroom, something one of our members suggested a long time ago. The way we will do this is that YOU need to submit to me photos that you wish to be edited. Either a photo with which you have real problems, one where you don't know what to do with or one that you think is good, but needs an extra kick. Problems with white balance, a photo with mixed colors, issues with composition or camera settings, no idea how to convert to B&W or how to bring out the stars in the sky? Trying to throw me off and see me fail? We will tackle it.

This will be a live demo, not a lecture, and I will show you what I would do with your images or how I would process them differently, but will also take your suggestions on what to try out. Most importantly, while I'm doing this, I will explain Lightroom's development module to you. I will *not* be talking about the other modules (perhaps with the exception of how I use the library module). Also note that you don't need to use Lightroom, you can still learn from the improvement steps or try to recreate them in Adobe Camera Raw, which is very similar to Lightroom.

Here is what you need to do and if nobody follows this, we won't have anything to do. I need every participant to submit to me no more than three images, but you NEED to send me your original raw data file (.NEF, .CRW, .ORF etc). Alternatively, you can send me a .DNG file (Adobe's raw format) or a .PS Photoshop file (leave the original as an untouched layer!). I will NOT accept or demonstrate JPG files, the editing latitude is not enough to make substantial improvements. Your files will remain confidential and I will delete them after the workshop is done. I encourage you to embed your copyright information!

If you want us to see what you have tried or if you want to compare before and after, select the photo in LR, then choose from the menu PHOTO - SAVE METADATA TO FILE and send me the sidecar file, the .xmp file with the same name in the same location as your raw file. That xmp file contains all the edits that you made to it. We can save those and then change to what I would do, afterwards compare your and my versions. So, if you have a Nikon raw file named _JML7470.NEF, you also need to send me the _JML7470.xmp file.

So, if you are interested in

- using Lightroom to edit

- how to use the LR development module

- how to improve your photos (with or without Lightroom)

- how to tackle complex white balance or other issues

- how to see Jurgen sweat

then this workshop is for you. If you have no interest, whatsoever, in learning about Lightroom, editing or improving photos, or if you can teach this workshop without breaking a sweat, by all means, stay home. :-)

To upload your files, you need to follow this link here ( and you may have to join the COPY cloud service for that. COPY is free and gives you up to 5 GB of online storage space. Simply drag and drop your files into that folder after the service is installed. This is very similar to Dropbox and if you prefer Dropbox, feel free to share a folder with me, I have that, too. Use email [masked] to share it. You may need to send me your email address (with which you registered for COPY) in order to share the folder with you.

Your files NEED to be named in the following manner, please do not submit unnamed files!


for example

Lobert-Jurgen-_JML7392.NEF and Lobert-Jurgen-_JML7392.xmp

I need your files no later than Sunday evening 8 pm, files submitted after that may not get considered. Depending on the number of participants, we may not get to edit all of your photos but I will try to edit at least one of them done.